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Dutch Passion AutoBlackberry Kush review with Holographic Series 1 LED grow light


AutoBlackberry Kush
is one of the latest Dutch Passion autoflowering varieties.  She was made by crossing our original Blueberry with a top quality gene bank Kush variety, we then made the resulting cross autoflowering.


This weeks grow review comes from Tang, who grew the Auto Blackberry Kush under the Holographic Series 1 LED grow light using airpots and Plagron Light soil mix. Many home growers prefer to maximise the colours, aroma and taste of their buds and AutoBlackberry Kush is a great variety for those home growers that want a top quality alternative to the usual green strains. 


The following comments are from Tang

“This grow was twice as thrilling as the usual preview grows as I was not only growing an exciting new Dutch Passion strain in the Auto BlackBerry Kush but I also had some next generation LED Grow Lights lights, the 75w GrowNorthern Holographic Series 1. I used two of the HS1 LEDs in my 1.2m x 1.2m room, which used a total of 150w.  This is a big reduction from the 400w+ of LEDs I had been using in the room before.”

Above and below.  Great bud colours and lots of resin

“The two 75w HS1s covered the room well because of the powerful LEDs and the way the light is blended and spread through the Holographic Diffuser, I was able to grow two good sized Autos under just the two lights. The Auto BlackBerry Kush was grown alongside a Dutch Passion Auto Euforia and shared a single HS1 for veg and had a light to herself for bloom. The HS1 really seemed to bring out the best in the strains, both the Auto Blackberry Kush and the AutoEuforia.”



Tang explains more about the grow:

The Auto BlackBerry Kush was grown in a 15L Airpots”

“The veg growth from the Kush was pretty amazing and when she was into her stride she was growing 6 - 7cm every 24hrs and ended up standing at around 115cm, she was a very good size for an auto and was well into bloom by day 40. The Kush was quick to express the purple colour in the buds which made her even more of a joy to grow."

"The resin production on this plant was like nothing I had seen.  Firstly the sheer amount and size of the main trichomes blew me away then later into flower the stalks of the trichomes took on the purple from the buds which was just beautiful. The terpenoid production was pretty special too as through most of bloom the BlackBerry Kush had the most incredible depth and strength to the aroma. Not only did she smell amazing but she looked amazing too, in late flower she had dark purple buds dripping with trichomes and a purple hue to the leaves from the Blueberry genetics, just stunning.”


Some final comments from Tang:

“The smell from the buds both in growth and after harvest is so strong,you can smell the fruity BlueBerry and dank Kush parentage but there is a deep lime and spearmint too. The 'bag appeal' of the Kush is superb with the lusciously deep purple buds which are just covered with sparkling trichomes. Vaporising the BlackBerry Kush brings out the best flavour and it's just lovely, you get dark berries and lime on the inhale and toffee mints and tea tree oil on the exhale”


“The high is as special as the look and taste of the Kush, it's very VERY strong and can couch lock you for a good few hours if you get carried away (as I have several times) I can also see it having good medicinal value as a relaxant and a sleep aid. 


The Auto BlackBerry Kush was an easy strain to grow that delivered 102g of connoisseur quality buds. I would recommend this strain to anyone thinking of growing.”



March 27th 2015
Easy Indoor
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Recent comments (8)

On 27 -03-2015 at 09:04 u Lightworker wrote:
Beutyfull!! Was 102g dried the amount he got from 1autoblackberrykush in 15l airpot or from both. And this was with two of your new lights?

On 29 -03-2015 at 20:15 u Lightworker33 wrote:
Hi and happy easter everyone :-) I would really like to know if it is long for us to wait on dp to launch a cbd autofem, i got info that you was working in it about half a year ago?? I would also like to know if its possible to buy the old models of Gn ms 004 or 006 with rebel upgrdes or highlite??

On 03 -04-2015 at 14:45 u Lightworker33 wrote:
Hello? im a loyal customer and supporter of Dp team and I would appreciate to be answered as fast as other gets answers to their posts. I love dutch passion but remember customer service is alfa omega and its a lot of other breeders and banks out there that answers in 24-48 hours.

On 03 -04-2015 at 16:00 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Hey Lightworker33, the old 006/004 modular series are no longer being sold by us, sorry about that . The focus is now on the newer tech units, the Holographic series 1. I believe the AutoBlackberry Kush had 1 of the new HS1 LEDs above it.

On 15 -08-2015 at 20:25 u Itwasmyfault wrote:
Can you tell me please what your lightnung time is? 18/6 the whole grow? thanks for the answer and a very good job.

On 04 -10-2015 at 23:52 u Julimond wrote:
Ich bin ein absoluter Beginner was das Thema angeht, heißt das diese Lampen für beide Wuchsphasen geeignet sind? Wie hoch war denn der Stromverbrauch? MfG J

On 17 -12-2015 at 12:43 u Itwasmyfault wrote:
es sind 75 pro modul.150 watt für beide.

On 30 -07-2017 at 10:59 u Marty420 wrote:
hello. How many weeks was it that you noticed tricohmes on the flower please ? And what nutrients

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