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Dutch Passion AutoColorado Cookies and AutoBrooklyn Sunrise grow review



AutoColorado Cookies and AutoBrooklyn Sunrise are two of Dutch Passion’s new USA feminized autos.  They are both based on proven, top quality cannabis genetics from the USA and grow from seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks.   Both varieties are usually grown under 20 hours of daily light from germination to harvest.  They tend to produce the typical Dutch Passion auto structure, one large central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller blooms.  Both varieties produce large harvests of top quality cannabis, potency levels are the same as traditional photoperiod varieties.




AutoColorado Cookies


AutoColorado Cookies is the Dutch Passion auto version of Girl Scout Cookies crossed with our original AutoBlueberry.  The cookies is a smooth and sweet smoke, the Blueberry taste complements the cookies very well. And the smooth flavour is complemented by a strong smoke, the indica genetics give a strong body stone alongside a powerful yet peaceful high.  Yields can be heavy on this variety, and she suits growers looking to grow strong cannabis with a peaceful, happy and sedating effect.




AutoColorado Cookies

AutoBrooklyn Sunrise uses the east-coast ‘Brooklyn’ diesel cutting which was crossed with AK genetics from upper NY state to produce some great flavours with the famous Diesel taste and high.  Its another super strong auto variety which many will love simply for the extreme potency, but its so easy even a first time grower will get great results and a heavy harvest.  Its an ideal option for anyone who prefers a strong psychoactive effect and heavy harvests but still wants a variety which is easy and uncomplicated to grow.




The original grow diary is here, the words and pictures are from Tang.


“The AutoColorado Cookies and AutoBrooklyn Sunrise were planted in my usual 15L Airpots and fed a simple Advanced Nutrients schedule from day 10. The lighting for both was from a single 75w HS1 for veg then 2 HS1s for bloom on a 20/4hrs schedule.

Veg growth from both was very good and I ended up with two nice sized Autoflowers with no training needed.”







“Bloom was very exciting to watch and smell and the flowers on both plants were very different looking but both beautiful....the flowers on the Cookies are among the prettiest I've seen and just dripping with trichomes,the Sunrise had hairier more pale green buds but still very frosty. Both had a very tropical fruity aromas in bloom...the cookies was minty with berries and the Sunrise was more like Mangos and pineapple...both a real treat.”



AutoColorado Cookies

AutoColorado Cookies



“The plants grew very rapidly and were harvested at around 10 weeks. After a few weeks cure I have some of the nicest weed I've ever grown, the AutoColorado Cookies has developed some very deep complex flavours like tobacco and hops alongside the berries and mint....super strong high of this strain with a very good sedative buzz and super dense buds.”


“The AutoBrooklyn Sunrise has kept its tropical fruit smell over a couple of weeks cure and tastes quite amazing,lovely mango flavour to this one and the buzz is more uplifting rather than sedating and a good density although not quite as hard as the Cookies.

I'm quite in love with both and am already growing another AutoColorado Cookies. Both very easy to grow with good yields, I got around 110g off the Cookies and 140g off the Sunrise all from 150w. The light spectrum of the HS1 lights has really brought out the best in my plants, yet again!“


Congratulations to Tang on another successful Dutch Passion auto grow.  


April 1st 2016
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On 08 -04-2016 at 02:24 u Hannah price wrote:
TaNg m8 you smashed it again hope mine turn out like yours I'm using digi ballast 600w.hps.with parabolic shade in cocco+smart-pots advanced-nutrients.sensi.grow+bloom terpinator pk.9/18 boost-accelerator&canna-flush a/n.overdrive not using em all tho kill them ha all the best keep up the banging growing mukka gonna copy you an use 15ltr air-pots.all the best chris48

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