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Dutch Passion AutoDurban Poison review. Home growing the easy way



This weeks AutoDurban Poison home grown customer review features a great 160g harvest from ‘Bunny’ who grew a chunky AutoDurban Poison in Plagron Soil under LED light in 11 weeks.  AutoDurban Poison is grown mainly for the fast crops of top strength sativa cannabis with a soaring ‘up’ high, but as this weeks customer review shows the harvest quantities are also XL, just like the rest of the Dutch Passion auto collection.  


AutoDurban Poison, alongside Think Different and AutoXtreme are three of the strongest  autoflowering sativa varieties we have found after many years in Autoflower breeding.  AutoDurban Poison takes her proven, prize winning genetics from our 1970’s original Durban Poison photoperiod variety.




Bunny grew his AutoDurban Poison in a small closet at home and used a single MS006 LED from start to finish to light the growroom.  These days the best of the modern autoflowering cannabis varieties require no specialist growing skills or expert growing knowledge.  Dutch Passion autos can be grown from seed to harvest under any lighting system required by the grower.  Normally our Automatics are grown under 20 hours of daily light but some customers grow them indoors under 24 hour light from start to finish.  The plants automatically transition from vegetive growth to bloom at around 3 weeks old without any changes to the light schedule.  And all the Dutch Passion autos are feminized to make it easier then ever to be a self sufficient home grower without growing experience.



Other people grow autos successfully outdoors and the plants grow with whatever light is available to them.  Automatics are not only the most flexible form of cannabis to grow, they are also incredibly easy.  We have seen first time growers harvest 100g+ from our AutoFems.  AutoDurban Poison is one of Dutch Passions most robust and easiest Autos to grow, she is most often grown for the very strong ‘up’ high, but as the pictures show the yields are also excellent.  Anyone that has enjoyed Dutch Passions other strong sativa autos (Think Different, AutoXtreme, AutoEuforia) should not miss out on AutoDurban Poison.  The original grow diary is here.



“The  grow was situated in a brick closet 55x70cm, Climate was controlled by a GSE Fan controller and the extractor vented out of the cupboard overhead.The medium was Plagron light in 10L Air pots and feed with Advanced Nutrients, the space was lit by one GN MS0006 LED.”


“AutoDurban Poison grows very vigorously, it's amazing to watch in vegative growth and apart from calcium/ magnesium issues (deficiencies)  she was a breeze to grow, although she was pretty thirsty.  You do need to be ready with support canes and twine (string) because she can get big quickly. “



“We had the LED light too close for a few days and the AutoDurban reacted with rust spots , she seems very hungry for calcium/magnesium nutrients hungry under LED. So Maybe I would have changed the light height. Maybe a bigger pot and more space too !”


“We're going to use HS1 LED’s for the next grows, and from journals I have been watching light distribution and spectrum improvements have made Calcium/ magnesium issues and overall plant health much better. Including Trichrome production!”


“My advice:  maybe don't let her go much past 85 days, (even if you like your Sativa's Amber) since mould spots can start ”


“She was peppery Aniseed with a hint of citrus while growing. These notes are still present with a more mellow floral pine now she's cured for a month. A really great zingy effect, really up but introspective. Can be hard to focus as you get so many thoughts passing through! Really great Vape with some body as I let her Amber a bit, a sweet floral taste, aniseed.”

“Final yield was 160g at 62% humidity, that is my best harvest so far from a 10l pot in a 55x 70 space with another plant.  So I'm very happy, and you just can't buy herb quality like this in the UK so it’s nice to have a bumper crop.”


“Its a really great Auto for large yields of Sativa in only 80 days! will definitely grow Auto Durban Poison again. Like most sativa dominant strains the trimming takes a little longer, but it's worth it for the soaring Sativa high”

September 4th 2015
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Recent comments (8)

On 06 -09-2015 at 13:11 u AFN- Grim wrote:
Hi Bunny Well done on the blog dude.

On 06 -09-2015 at 17:45 u Rhyce Saroni wrote:
Spectacular grow my friend! You must be beaming with pride.... and stoned as a fart! ;)

On 07 -09-2015 at 21:25 u Gonzo wrote:
Great ! I like that fat buds.

On 05 -12-2015 at 02:02 u Yaya wrote:
hi my firends . She made a lot of smell?

On 12 -05-2016 at 14:10 u Juan wrote:
Hello you ship to argentina,as issue of payment depending on the variety

On 13 -05-2016 at 15:23 u Eddy wrote:
Juan, 12//5/16 Sorry, we don;t ship seeds to Argentina. But we do ship them to Chile, Colombia and Uruguay - if you know seed distributors in those countries

On 16 -08-2016 at 00:13 u Alex wrote:
hi, i Wonder whitch of Your sativa dominant autofems have the least amount of leaves in the colas and would do best in a tight fitted sea of green grow With Heavy colas and not that widespread branches..

On 17 -08-2016 at 10:31 u Eddy wrote:
Alex, 16th August 2016. Think Different is perhaps the auto sativa we would recommend. Proven, consistent and best of all the final harvest quality is guaranteed.

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