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Dutch Passion AutoEuforia home grown cannabis review


This weeks customer grow review comes from Captain Beefheart who grew a great looking AutoEuforia in soil under an HPS light which produced 200g of dry buds.  AutoEuforia continues Dutch Passions tradition of strong, potent autoflowering varieties with the ability to produce consistent 100-200g+ harvests.


AutoEuforia produces lots of side branches, each side branch can produce generous sized buds.  With enough light this allows very heavy yields from individual plants.  AutoEuforia grows well under a range of conditions, from coco to hydro to soil.  She also does well outdoors in guerrilla grows especially in warm, sunny weather.  


AutoEuforia can grow from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks.  Indoors most people grow her under 20 hours of daily light, the more light she gets the bigger the final buds.  This is an auto with very high yield potential, and the best home growers can easily achieve 150g+ per plant.  High light levels are required to get the very best harvests from AutoEuforia, with sufficient light coverage across the whole plant the total levels of bud production can be huge.


The genetics come from Dutch Passions original photoperiod Euforia variety which is probably most appreciated for the really special (some people say unique) Euphoric high which many people experience after trying her.  Euforia, alongside Orange Bud and Skunk #11 is a result of the Dutch Passion 1990’s Skunk research program.  The Euforia genetics remain a strong customer favourite, regular photoperiod seeds are still sold for the benefit of old-school growers and small scale breeders.  Feminized photoperiod seeds and AutoEuforia are the most popular versions of this top quality 1990’s original.



The pictures this week come from Captain Beefheart who previously grew AutoBlackberry Kush and Skunk #11.  The AutoEuforia was grown in a carefully blended soil organic soil mixture in a felt pot which allows extra levels of root oxygenation.  A 400W dual spec HPS was used.




The final structure is typical of all Dutch Passion automatics, with a heavy dominant central bloom surrounded by lots of side blooms that are almost as heavy as the central bloom.  The original Skunk genetics ensure long and heavy branches with resinous buds and a pungent skunk aroma.  Its worth mentioning that AutoEuforia produces a heavy skunk scent that will require a carbon filter in order to eliminate the smell from the extracted grow room air.  The following remarks are from Captain Beefheart, who produced a beautiful result with lots of heavy blooms.



“It started off growing just fine until 45 days….then I over did the ferts on her lol.  Grow the god dam thing its a beauty.  AutoEuforia is a light feeder, but constantly wanting feeds.  The plant stunk my house out to high heaven…an old skool skunk with a hint of haze !!!”


“For potency I’d give it 8/10 to be honest,  but I’ve got a real bad tolerance to ganja........I bong it all day long lol.  The most memorable thing about AutoEuforia is the shear amount of branching, colas every where yum yum.  “



Captain Beefhearts final recommendations to future growers is to grow her in a big pot and keep the feeds regular.  He also recommends to ensure that the feed is not too concentrated for this variety. 


The original 1990’s  Euforia skunk genetics have transferred to produce a very special automatic which combines XXL yield potential with a great quality, strong harvest of potent buds.  AutoEuforia is a variety which is already proving popular and has the elite high performance levels that home growers now expect from Dutch Passion.  



June 12th 2015
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Recent comments (4)

On 14 -06-2015 at 12:27 u Paulie62 wrote:
Yet another fine beast Captain....great effort as allways innit.....

On 16 -06-2015 at 14:46 u Pauliethepunk wrote:
Great effort? Pfff little to no effort. Compared to what I see others pulling from these strains.. capt is leaps and bounds ahead

On 18 -06-2015 at 17:41 u Catz wrote:
I must admit I have been totally sold on D.P. Strains, Having seen the above Results and the Blackberry Kush results both grown by the Capt. Another Great Grow and Looking forward to the results of what the Capt Grows next.

On 27 -02-2017 at 16:01 u Sqrl wrote:
when did the first pre flowers appear

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