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Dutch Passion AutoEuforia homegrow cannabis review


This weeks 288g AutoEuforia grow review is a great example of how the best quality modern AutoFem varieties can produce top quality results.  AutoEuforia is the autoflowering version of the classic Dutch Passion photoperiod Euforia Skunk, she is typically ready to harvest around 11 weeks after germination and produces top quality cannabis in XXL quantities.  

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AutoEuforia grows from start to finish under a daily light cycle of 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness.  This light system is normal for all Dutch Passion AutoFem varieties, although some people are starting to grow them under 24 hours of continuous daily light.  Autoflowering cannabis varieties do not need the light cycle shortening to 12 hours of light in order to bloom, instead they flower ‘automatically’.

 Above & below.  AutoEuforia grown under the Holographic Series 1 LED grow light by Tang.  Note the heavy harvest and rich resin coating.


Original Euforia is a special Skunk line from our 1990’s Skunk breeding program.  That program gave us Orange Bud, Skunk #11, Skunk Passion and Skunk#1.  Euforia was selected for commercial sales due to the unique uplifting and euphoric high which many people experience.  Its a genetic line which produces well above average yields along with a special anti-anxiety and blissfully happy high.  Making an autoflowering version of original Euforia was an easy decision to make.  AutoEuforia keeps the same XL harvests as well as the blissfully happy high.  One added benefit of AutoEuforia is that she is one of the easiest premium quality autos to grow.  For that reason she is recommended for less experienced and rookie growers as well as experienced professionals.  AutoEuforia is a tough, highly potent and robust variety which will grow well in any growing medium (soil, coco, hydro…) under a range of conditions and still deliver a harvest of top quality cannabis with generous harvests.




Here is a time lapse YouTube video of the entire grow



This weeks grow was done by experienced Dutch Passion grower Tang who used his normal technique of airpots with plagron light soil and LED to produce a superb result.  The comments (below) and pictures are from Tang,



“The Auto Euforia was grown alongside an Auto Blackberry Kush (see grow review here) in a 1.2m x 1.2m room,the lighting was from 2 GN Holograpic Series 1 at 75w each. The Auto Euforia was planted directly into a 15L Airpot filled with Plagron Light and fed using this schedule https://www.autoflower.net/forums/f26/tangs-new-improved-feeding-schedule-34408.html Temp and humidity were kept at between 26-28c and 35-45%RH for the entire grow.”



“Veg growth was a little slower than the Kush and she showed sex on day 28,this didn't discourage me because the slightly slower autos always turn out to be big plants and this girl didn't fail to produce. After 50 days she stood at 115cm and was entering the flowering stage. Bloom took another 50 days and ended with a lot of seriously high quality weed,huge trichomes dripping off the buds and excellent terpene production as the smell was seriously intense. Dry yield was 288g so a total of 390g when including the AutoBlackBerry Kush from just 150w of light.”


“The smell and flavour of the Euforia is intense as mentioned,you get a very strong sweet and sticky skunk but it's laced with heavy floral notes of lavender and scented geranium. The buzz is just as uplifting as the aroma and is very fitting for the name of the strain, wonderfully strong and euphoric high.”


“I found the Euforia very easy to grow with no drama or deficiencies, average strength feeder that thrived under 20/4hrs of light. Highly recommended to both the beginner and the connoisseur looking for some top shelf stash.”



Congratulations to Tang, most home growers would be quite satisfied to produce individual plants of this size and yield.  The heavy resin production makes for a great quality harvest, and the high specification LED lights (available from Crazy LEDs) give maximum performance from the special Rebel LED technology.  Remember the Rebel LEDs are 2-3 times as powerful as some of the lower cost LED technologies used on less expensive grow lights.  


AutoEuforia may be the latest AutoFem variety from Dutch Passion, but it won’t be the last.  All the Dutch Passion auto collection are bred to the same high-performance standards and work continues on them.

May 15th 2015
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On 15 -05-2015 at 10:13 u Mr ganjamoto wrote:
As lovely as ever my friend... Enjoy....

On 18 -05-2015 at 22:16 u Alex wrote:
Congratts Guru Tang. This is almost unbeliveable, 390g dry from 150w total!! Wow, thats the highest gram pr watt ive EVER read/seen. I know the holographic 1 series are insane but what the F is other brands on about. I mean everyone is raving about cree and osram top bin leds but why only crazyleds use philips lumileds luxeon rebel , if they can create such high g pr w then all others are crap!

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