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Dutch Passion AutoMazar Grow Review


automazar crazy yields

Dutch Passion AutoMazar is now as famous as the original photoperiod version of Mazar.  It’s one of the best varieties we have in our collection, and AutoMazar remains one of the most reliable auto flowering varieties available.  The reason for the popularity is simple enough, AutoMazar produces top quality pot in extravagant quantities.  Even first time growers have produced 100+ grams from this variety.   

This weeks blog shows what AutoMazar can deliver in the hands of a true growing expert.  This week ‘The King’ shows us how he grew an Auto record breaking 900g+ AutoMazar using HPS, LED and Plasma lighting ( around 1000w total) together with deep-water-culture.  The result was quite incredible, and AutoMazar reached a spectacular final size.  The words and pictures below are all from ‘The King’ himself.


a totally massive AutoMazar

Above and below.  Dutch Passion AutoMazar pushed to the maximum.  This amazing plant produced numerous blooms.  AutoMazar produces solid, heavy cola's which are frosted with resin to produce a top quality smoke

solid blooms


"Well what can I say what a delightfully easy strain AutoMazar is to grow, ‘Princess Madge’ and her sister ‘Mazey'  were  unfussy ladies who liked their feed and grew steadily without any complications, perfect for both novice and experienced grower.

Seeds were germinated using the paper towel method (100% germination was achieved) and then planted into Root Riot cubes and the girls were placed under a Lightwave T5 unit and then a Gavita LEP Plasma unit was added later. 

As the girls developed leaf tucking was utilised to ensure proper development of the side branches and sub branching within the side branches.

When roots were showing out of the root riots the girls were transplanted into grodan transplanting blocks and then into the DWC buckets.

The nutrient regime used was Dutch Pro Autoflower nutrients as base feed and Dutch Pro Explode and Canna Boost as flowering additives from the onset of flowering. Calcium and Magnesium was also used to prevent any Cal/Mag issues, though one or two little spots did occur. Growth Technology liquid Silicon was also added to toughen the girls up. Starting EC level was 0.8 and by the end of flower the EC had been raised as high as 3.2 with no ill effect, somedays the reading at top up time was off the truncheon scale and no signs of over fertilisation were visible."

automazar at harvest


grown under led, plasma and hps.  amazing

Above, AutoMazar grows under 20 hours of daily light to produce massive yields in good conditions.  In this grow 'The King' expertly used deep-water-culture to maximise growth potential


"Both Princess Madge and her sister Mazey were a little slow to go into flower at around about 40 days but that allowed them to develop the framework to build and support the mass of buds they produced. 

When the girls went into flower Gavita Pro 400v 600w HPS lighting was added as well as the plasma light.

The largest lady, Princess Madge, grew to within 20cm of the top of the 2m high tent which meant a GrowNorthern MS006 LED disco light had to be placed above her with the Gavita HPS and Plasma offset as incidental side lighting.

Due to the unusual light placement the ladies were rotated 90 degrees twice daily to ensure all round development of colas.  The size and density of the colas meant one or two spots of bud-rot tissue developed but these were removed and no real damage was done, the ladies seeming pretty resistant."

solid frosty buds

more automazar insanity


"The King is frequently asked how he manages to grow such huge Autos and the answer I believe is down to using the best equipment, the best available nutrients (thanks Peter at Dutch Pro Nutrients), clean filtered water and managing the environment correctly with CO2 enrichment..... Oh and let's not forget the amazing Dutch Passion Auto genetics."

dense buds with a rich resin coating
900g harvest ohh yeah

"Princess Madge was ready to harvest at about the 93 day mark and harvesting was pretty easy due to the high calyx to leaf ratio, though the sheer mass of buds meant that the complete harvest and trim took about 15 hours eventually yielding a staggering 900g dry weight of top quality bud dried to 65% humidity.

The finished herbal medicine has a nice earthy taste to it, giving a nice heavy feeling below the eyes with a relaxing body effect which is great to relax and listen to some nice music such as the real King..... Elvis."


Congratulations to ‘The King’ on an amazing result which any home-grower would be proud of.  The last picture, below, is a reminder of a very very special grow!

what a beauty

March 28th 2014
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Recent comments (32)

On 28 -03-2014 at 10:51 u Duggy wrote:
Amazing growing and a staggering result my friend...

On 01 -04-2014 at 10:22 u Lightworker wrote:
Oh my f... god! What the f.... ? Thats insane. When i saw an autoplant about 4years ago i had never imagined that something like this would be possible. Its almost unbelivable. I heard and read about the amazing seymour think different grow and mazar grows several places and im very eager to see the new autoextreme growjournals and proofs:) I put up a 4x4x6 homebox silverline with 5think different in biobizz allmix and square 11liter pots,cause i did not think we normal growers could get so huge plants i also put 4 super lemon haze autos from greenhouse also in 11l pots but those with a mix of cocobricks perlite and just a lil bit soil in. 14days since germination and as i see pics im happy i have one more tent i can use as they probably and hopefully will be too many and too large. Not thinking i will get anywhere near 300-900g a plant but really hoping for about 100-180g pr think different and around 100pr lemon haze auto. That will make me more than happy and satisfied. Running one 80 x 3 w 6band led with ir.(think its about 165w actual)and one 72x3w 6band led with more red flowering leds and about 135actual watt draw. Also in about a week im gonna add a new hps with dimmable options between 250-400-600-660 i think it was. Really hoping this will be awesome. Got some bioroot nutes,advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom a+b.advanced nutes big bud,overdrive,b52 and budcandy. And going to use ghe ripen the last 10days and then one watering of advanced nutrients final phase,anyone thinking this can get massive? Really happy if i get at least 600dry grams of the 5think different and 400 of the 4super lemon haze auto. Now i gotta start planning to try the new autoxreme and the autoblue mazar i really hope they grow as a mazar and tastes alot of blueberry.

On 05 -04-2014 at 09:52 u Hazy wrote:
All Haill the King….

On 06 -04-2014 at 16:51 u Bill goldschein wrote:
Hard to believe

On 09 -08-2014 at 02:36 u Kitch wrote:
The auto mazaar is absolutely un fuckin believable.

On 07 -03-2015 at 16:00 u Matthew wrote:
Is this 900 grams total from both plants or just 1 plant ?

On 09 -03-2015 at 10:16 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Matthew, from 1 plant

On 06 -05-2015 at 23:20 u Geordie wrote:
When you say dried to 65% humidity is this not wet? I was always under the impression that 10% was perfect.

On 12 -05-2015 at 15:27 u Shane wrote:
Geordie,10% moisture content and 62.5-65 rh is perfect !! Outstanding result !! Hail the king

On 26 -05-2015 at 21:41 u Shawn wrote:
What is "leaf tucking" ? I have heard of pulling off the "sugar" leaves to encourage bigger buds, but how does one "tuck" a leaf?

On 28 -05-2015 at 10:15 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Shawn, leaf tucking is where the grower re-positions the leaves behind the buds in order to give the buds maximum light.

On 29 -05-2015 at 13:32 u The King wrote:
Salutations all.... Leaf tucking may also be utilised during vegetative growth to expose growing points to encourage more extensive branching....

On 01 -06-2015 at 05:33 u Fairly new wrote:
The King of all autos Bow to the KING the grower of the one plant GIANT

On 30 -07-2015 at 16:39 u Neweygooey wrote:
Congrats, #1 = 900, can you list the nuts from dutch pro I am having trouble viewing what you have in pic and have vision problems, Thank You, GREAT GROW!

On 30 -07-2015 at 16:42 u Neweygooey wrote:
Hey guys why not throw a BB#3 IN THE MIX? OF MASSIVE AUTOS?

On 13 -08-2015 at 12:38 u The King wrote:
Salutation Newey, the Dutch Pro nutrients used were Hydro/Coco A+B grow and bloom specially formulated for Autoflowers and Multi Total root zone conditioner for early rockwool and pebble soaking and Dutch Pro Explode during flower. Happy growing....

On 31 -08-2015 at 12:02 u Neweygooey wrote:

On 10 -09-2015 at 04:41 u Jr wrote:
Wow King! I'm a heterosexual male but got to admit u got me wet in my panties with your skills bruh!

On 16 -09-2015 at 13:04 u Mal wrote:
jesus in 30 years of growing I never imagined an auto, never mind 1 that produces just under a kilo, I manage to get 224g from a fem seed, I take my hat off to you sir. ;-)

On 01 -11-2015 at 15:41 u Matthew wrote:
Inspiration much? Wow

On 02 -11-2015 at 00:25 u James w wrote:
All i can say is w.o.w. my hat,s off to you.you are the man. Sir.the master ect...........

On 04 -11-2015 at 02:18 u Mac wrote:
Holy Moses!!! Never in my life would I dream of an auto being able to grow this ginormous! I finished my first auto-fem grow two weeks ago and was very amazed how well the 8 plants yield were t but this gives me even bigger hopes to work harder and I'll see bigger yields. Thanks for sharing! Kudos!

On 29 -12-2015 at 06:44 u John wrote:

On 03 -06-2016 at 11:40 u Micha wrote:
licht is gewicht , weten is meten . met die hoeveelheid licht op hydro inderdaad mogelijk

On 06 -06-2016 at 06:53 u Lenny wrote:
good job,great work,hall of fame keep it up+

On 14 -07-2016 at 07:44 u Beep Boop wrote:
Wow that's WEED

On 19 -09-2016 at 11:36 u Joe wrote:
Did you use the Grow A&B or just bloom?

On 02 -04-2017 at 21:08 u Tyler wrote:
Would you upload a list of everything you bought id love to do the same set up but with a different strain

On 08 -04-2017 at 08:22 u Tyler wrote:
Would you upload a list of everything you bought id love to do the same set up but with a different strain

On 02 -11-2017 at 22:08 u Trayce Cavanaugh wrote:
Can you email me everything you used in this grow? I’d like to set up a similar tent.

On 24 -11-2017 at 22:19 u Edwin wrote:
Guys, 900g at 65% dry, its like 138g 10% dry, so yea.. nice

On 09 -09-2018 at 12:46 u Nick-old-arse wrote:
WOw Just starting my first Auto Grow.

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