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Dutch Passion AutoUltimate 1Kg Grow Review


The king on his family pirate ship

This weeks blog features one of the best looking plants we have ever seen, an AutoUltimate which yielded just over 1Kg of dried buds.  It was a unique grow made possible by an incredibly skilled grower (‘The King’) who has mastered deep water culture (DWC) and combined elite growing skills with the use of LED, Plasma and HPS light technology..


DWC is a high performance hydroponic grow method, it can produce huge plants, but it also demands careful nutrient control and technique from the grower.  LED and HPS are proven grow light technologies.  Plasma is less well understood, and very few growers get chance to see how effective it can be.  Plasma is expensive, typically around €1000+, and produces a wide spectrum of light (similar to the sun) including plenty of blue light to encourage good early growth.  The presence of shorter UV wavelengths also adds to final potency.  By combining Plasma with LED and HPS ‘The King’ was able to combine his own remarkable grow skills with optimum lighting conditions with a high performance DWC system.


amazing plant

Above, Dutch Passion AutoUltimate grown by 'The King' .  Sensational growing.


Together with the exceptional Dutch Passion AutoUltimate genetics this was a recipe for success.  The pictures and words from this grow come from ‘The King’ himself.  The AutoUltimate plant was called ‘Princess Uma’.



 "I must admit I fell in love with this very amazing lady she was so beautiful and a joy to nurture. Princess Uma had a difficult start to life being variegated and having slightly distorted first leaves but rather than euthanising her, being the good egg that I am she was given her chance to live and boy was I rewarded.

Princess Uma was pre-germinated using the kitchen towel method and then planted into a root riot sponge when the tap root was 1cm long. As previously mentioned her first leaves were a little mutant but such was her will to live she quickly out grew the variegation and distorted leaves under the plasma lamp and GN MS006 and then thankfully proceeded to form "normal" leaves. Princess Uma was then progressively transplanted into a 10cm Grodan block and then a Deep Water Culture (Bubble Bucket) when root development was sufficient."

uniquely grown

Above.  The AutoUltimate had lots of long heavy blooms, expert cultivation gave an exceptional result by the end of the grow

Below.  A few weeks earlier, the blooms starting to develop

early in the grow



The King adds more comments on the grow:

"Princess Uma quickly developed in the  bubble bucket and displayed an amazing degree of side branching from top to bottom thriving on the top notch Dutch Pro Autoflower Nutrient specifically developed for autoflowering plants.

 Princess Uma was a little slow to flower but then really took off when given a combination of Dutch Pro Autoflower Bloom, Dutch Pro Explode and Canna Boost Accelerator. She continued to grow upwards whilst in flower and eventually topped out about 20cm short of the top of the 2m high Secret Jardin tent. Due to the height of Princess Uma a (excellent) Grow Northern MS006 disco light was placed above her and a Gavita 600w Pro HPS as shared side lighting with her tent companions. The extensive side branching meant hundreds of buds were beginning to develop and fill out."


fat blooms


massive bud production

heavy blooms like no other



The King makes some final remarks about the AutoUltimate grow:

"Princess Uma then flowered as one would expect of such a lady with no real issues with bud-rot only affecting one or two spots developing in the solid compact flowers.

Then it was time for Princess Uma to be harvested, Miss Princess Uma had such a lovely structure with such branching as never seen by myself  before....  I fell in love with her and was heart broken when it came time to harvest the Princess.....  it was both a sad and a happy time. Sad that I was ending her living time on earth and happy about the bumper harvest to come....

All in all the harvest trimming took around about 16 hours due to it being done painstakingly by hand, it was a good clean trim with no excess stick or leaf. Princess Uma was then dried over a period until consistent 65% relative humidity was attained. When it came to the final weigh Princess Uma broke the one kilo mark managing to go 28g over.

I believe Dutch Passion have a winner on their hands with the AutoUltimate it has potential for huge yields and the high is nice and bright and cerebral in my experience with Miss Princess Umas treasures...."

exceptional growing


heavy blooms under led



Congratulations to 'The King' for such a rare and exceptional grow.  Its reassuring for our customers to see that Dutch Passion genetics can satisfy the needs of the average home growers, but at the same time they can be pushed to the limit by elite home-growers that demand the very biggest and best.

December 26th 2014
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Recent comments (12)

On 26 -12-2014 at 14:56 u Cesar guerra wrote:
Woouuu los felicito amigos de dutch passion x esa bellesa de ejemplar. Ojalas salga pronto al mencado y sin nada mas q desiles me despido. un abrazo y chao chao

On 30 -12-2014 at 15:01 u Trout wrote:
Great Job, may I have a sample......

On 08 -01-2015 at 03:21 u Tracy tolleson wrote:
Did you top her early? How many times did you top her? How long did you veg her?

On 21 -01-2015 at 16:53 u Martin wrote:

On 12 -02-2015 at 20:18 u Calum Bourne wrote:
Hey guys. I would love to here more from "The King". This guy is a master. Can I find other things he has done? Cheers.

On 13 -03-2015 at 13:00 u Chilli Dude wrote:
Don't think this was topped as it was autoflowering, and can't really see signs of there being a lack of head cola. This is truly amazing, outstanding. What was the other bottle of nutrient sat there? I notice the silicon, but what is the white bottle at the bottom?

On 15 -05-2015 at 10:18 u The King wrote:
Salutations all and thank you for the praise... Mr Chilli Dude... The white bottle is House and Garden Roots Excelerator....

On 09 -08-2015 at 21:13 u Ben wrote:
What kind of light cycle did you give it. Very nice girl there mate.

On 13 -08-2015 at 12:39 u The King wrote:
Mmmh... the light cycle length was either `18/6 or 20/4 (on/off)...

On 25 -08-2015 at 13:31 u Smerkey wrote:
Absolutely gorgeous. You are a true master. I'm about to start a 2900 wat led hps dwc auto ultimate grow using the whole canna Range. I have done dwc grows be4 so I no a little the questions I have is what ppm was her 1st feed and also her last before you flushed her also is there anything I need to watch out for. Ie.. Is the strain nutrient sensitive. Whats the best ph. Any info on growing this strain in dwc will help. Thank you

On 02 -01-2016 at 13:51 u Scott wrote:
I noticed that your northern 270w led was to the far left of you plant and the 600w gravita to the left. So I assume the plasma was above your plant? What make plasma was it and what was the total wattage of all three light sources. I ask as I was directed to this page from the net saying the yield was achieved from the led light alone. Regardless though, looks amazing.

On 23 -05-2017 at 21:28 u FDUPBACK wrote:
Fantastic results! Princess Uma is was and will be beautiful. You are truly The King. I was wondering if you have ever tried to propagate an auto flowering variety? Also are the number of plants that you produce restricted by your geographic location? I also grow hydroponic crops due to physical limitations that prevent me from working with heavy soil based medium. From one cultivator to another, I am truly impressed. Cheers! Keep growing

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