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Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow, AutoXtreme and Taiga Grow Review By Hazy


cannabis is just the best thing sometimes baby


Dutch Passion AutoFems have become very popular with our customers, they grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days and produce great yields of pot.  The potency of the cannabis produced is firmly on the same quality level as traditional varieties, but for many customers automatics offer an unbeatable combination of speed, potency and yield.  This weeks blog features a grow of Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow, AutoXtreme and Taiga, plants were harvested 70 days after germination.  The original grow diary is here and it comes from Hazy who has grown most of the Dutch Passion Automatic Collection. 

The words and pictures come from Hazy


 taiga looking insane

Above, Dutch Passion Taiga #2, based on genetics from Power Plant, one of Hazys favourite Dutch Passion automatics.  Potent, tasty and heavy yields.


This grow was my first attempt with LED, (HydroGrowLed Sol-9 450w  with 50w chipsets). Plants were germinated in ‘root riots’ and grown in15L pots with Plagron Light compost with BioBizz Nutrients Fish-Mix & Bloom. Light was on 20/4 (20 hours light, followed by 4 hours darkness). The strains were Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow, AutoXtreme & Taiga#2.

auto white widow

Above, Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow, a new super-strong addition to the Dutch Passion auto collection

After the success of the first grow (Blue AutoMazar) using the ‘garden cane technique’, I was eager to try it again.   I attach three garden canes to a square 15L pot with cable ties.  There are 2 plants in each container, and they are trained along the canes horizontally in opposite directions.  The main stem of each plant is tied down to the middle cane and the side branches are tied down by use of the two outside canes.

illustration of how hazy grows his plants with garden canes

Above, the illustration explains how Hazy uses his garden cane technique to train his plants and improve yields

The principal is to maximise the growth of blooms on lower branches, by aggressively tying down the stem horizontally. This will force on the side branching on the lower 3 nodes of the plant. When the side branches grow they are tied to the outside canes, but it's very important to tie them after the first node on each side branch.
The tops of the side branches are then held down to allow the two branches at the first node of the side branch to develop, these are allowed to grow upwards at the same rate as the top of the branch, in effect giving you three colas on each side branch.

frosty auto white widow

Above, Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow.  The heavy white frosting of trichomes make this a seriously strong smoke


This allows for many more blooms to develop than normal, and these are true full size colas. A couple of the largest blooms were from the very first nodes on the first side branch. The even canopy that is created allows much better use of the available light.

I do a fair amount of defoliating this helps with light penetration. And if any branches stretch too far these can easily be super-cropped, to help maintain the overall canopy height.

The plants all responded well to the training, The pot with the 2xTaiga#2 really produced an abundance of heavy resinous blooms, this is in my opinion is one of Dutch Passion's finest AutoFems for flavour and stone, a very pleasant high followed by a very nice body stone, but for me it's all about the flavour with Taiga#2, dankly
sweet with a great after taste. This is one every grower should try at least once, and it's a very easy plant to care for, needing no special attention.

autoXtreme with the grower hiding behind the plant

Above, Spot the grower.  AutoXtreme with Hazy hiding behind the blooms.


The AutoXtreme really surprised me this grow, as I had a very different pheno than i had the first time around. It produced very long dense blooms and the smell was citrus on the nose, exceptionally sweet, and it was there in the smoke, but the thing about AutoXtreme is the very up high, that quickly turns into one of the heaviest stones, a real heavy body stone, I love smoking it on the couch and watching a movie, eating various sweet treats and falling asleep -  the perfect night in.

So I've saved the best till last. The AutoWhite Widow, I can tell you with great pleasure, that this truly is White Widow in Auto form. From how it grows and the buds develop, to the smell, the amount of resin it produces, to the density of the rock solid buds. And the smoke has it all, that pure 80's white widow taste, an awesome uplifting high, followed by a powerful all over body stone. Dutch Passion have hit the jackpot this one, and I'm going to be growing this one over and over again.

more autoxtreme

Above, AutoXtreme.  Numerous long, heavy and resinous blooms.  A customer favourite for all the right reasons with a strong high


 The total yield for the grow was 487g from just five plants, each one averaging out at just under 100g, or roughly 200g per 15L pot.  I was also very impressed with the LED, the difference in growth in the early stages of the grow is something else, everything seems to happen at once, side branches come quick and fast and the colour and general health of the plants was a thing to behold.

All strains in my opinion are easy to grow, so would suit novices and pro’s alike. And the cane technique just helps to enhance the yield of already high yielding plants. Training like this is a bit of work in the early stages, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

more taiga looking great

Above, Dutch Passion Taiga. Superb yields of very strong pot, a great choice for the home-grower.  So easy anyone can grow her fom seed to harvest in 70 days


It’s great to see Hazy develop such an individual growing style which allows him to grow his pot more efficiently with fewer plants.  And we think it’s a growing style which other growers could use to their own advantage, including coco-fibre and hydro growers.  The only price to pay for the extra yield is the need to tie-down the plants regularly.  But many home-growers enjoy spending time with their plants anyway, so perhaps we will see more people try it.  Our automatics are stable enough to take aggressive treatment, and they are bred to be heavy yielders of top quality weed in large amounts when grown well.  So if you are looking to try a new style of growing you may want to consider Hazys Garden Cane Technique.

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

January 24th 2014
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Recent comments (7)

On 24 -01-2014 at 12:02 u Jm autoflowernet wrote:
Very nice work Hazy! thumbs up mate!

On 25 -01-2014 at 12:31 u Duggy wrote:
Superb growing as always Hazy...

On 28 -01-2014 at 18:49 u Jamie wrote:
Very nice hazy I'm just finishing up my second grow of think different another wicked auto from Dutch passion but think after reading this I may well try a couple of there others this time also just a note first grow I put through net and yeild was amazing this time I let them do there own thing and yeild ok but nothing compared to before but the cane is a neat trick may just try that too :-)

On 09 -02-2014 at 12:23 u Kel wrote:
theyre healthy looking plants , i have only done one crop and on my second at the moment just 4 weeks in ,i need a bit of advice on fan leaves , is it ok to remove them to let more light in, I was told that it would take energy away from the buds to repair were the leaf was cut from plant could anybody tell me is this true or am I ok to remove them as they grow

On 01 -02-2015 at 21:46 u Benjie wrote:
Great review and some beautiful looking plants, superb growing. White Widow is the strain I am hoping to grow next, I just hope my plants grow as nice as yours. I noticed in one of the pictures you possibly used the autopot system. Is this so as I have an autopot setup? If so did you leave the valves open 24/7? Or did you top feed your babies? Sorry about all the questions but its nice to know how to get a good yield from your plants.

On 14 -06-2016 at 05:15 u Kennydrouin wrote:
Je voulais savoir si sais 20/4 toute le long pour toute les plant autofloraison parce que je voulais savoir si sa fonctionnerai 18/6 la croissance et la floraison 12/12

On 15 -06-2016 at 08:52 u Eddy wrote:
Kennydrouin, 14th June 2016 Continue growing on 20/4 until harvest. Nice and easy!

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