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Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow Grow Review


cartoon on white widow

Dutch Passion’s original White Widow dates back to the 1980’s and has been a legendary bestseller.  The release of our automatic White Widow took a little longer than anticipated before we were happy with the quality, but we are sure our AutoWhite Widow will quickly develop a reputation as one of the strongest and most potent autofems available.  This weeks grow diary comes from Duck Commander who harvested 172g of top-strength buds from a single AutoWhite Widow which was grown under LED in compost.  The original grow diary is here, the images of AWW in this weeks blog are all from Duck Commanders special grow.

 gorgeous autowhite widow plant, blooms everywhere

Above, AutoWhite Widow. Heavy yields of extra-potent hard buds.  Perfect for the home-grower


Regular Dutch Passion blog readers will know that all of our new varieties are accompanied with live internet grow diaries on (or even before) launch.  We feel it shows the confidence we have in the quality of breeding behind our work, it is as transparent as we can be as a seedbank and we hope it shows how seriously we take our work. 

 super frosty macro


AutoWhite Widow is a variety that was selected for the maximum potency of the buds produced.  One of the most striking features of our AutoWhite Widow is the extreme levels of resin production.  We have seen photoperiod varieties with less resin than our AutoWhite Widow.  As you can see from the macro images, the trichome resin glands completely cover the surface of the buds.  This is a notably sticky variety and one which will not disappoint those that want to grow the strongest pot. 

fat blooms

Above, the grower tied down the tallest central bloom to create a more even plant canopy.  This can help maximise light intensity over the canopy and increase yields 


The original White Widow was named because the heavy resin production gives the plant a white frosted appearance.  So we are extremely pleased to see that this characteristic white resin coating is also a dominant feature in AutoWhite Widow.  

In this grow Duck Commander used two Grow Northern MS006 LED’s (identical to the Dutch Passion HighLite LED) to produce a heavy yielding plant.  The main bloom was tied down to try to create a flatter plant canopy and maximise light intensity.  The AutoWhite Widow was grown in a 20 litre airpot of compost, a large size container but one that repaid the grower with a heavy harvest. 

more frosty blooms

 incredible production of resin


The result from this grow was a great display of multiple well formed blooms, and a generous 172g yield of dried buds produced just 84 days after germination.  Duck Commander produced a top quality example of compost growing and shows that the self sufficient home grower can easily produce generous amounts of cannabis without the need of more complicated hydroponic systems. 


The following remarks are from Duck Commander himself


“To Grow: She is an easy strain to grow with a great structure, And really loves big pots I used a 20L airpot and she still put roots out on the main stem 10cm above soil level. She also responded well when I tied down her main cola (‘LST’) to give me a flatter canopy during full bloom. She coped very well during high humidity (RH of 74%) and high temps.  There were no signs of mold in flower, so she is very resistant to mold."


"If you’re using LEDs then monitor the light height; she didn’t seem to like the LED unit to close to her during full flower. For any future grows with the AutoWhite Widow I will be giving her extra Calcium/Magnesium supplement during full flower and I would also make sure my RH and temps are controlled.”


“Smoke: She is very fast hitting and so smooth on the inhale, With the first few tokes she has an almost instant rush to the head first and a burst of energy and the need to occupy yourself and lasts around 1hour. Keep on smoking her and she is deeply relaxing; not too much couch lock, more sit there and think about stuff with a clear minded stone. I liked watching films, gaming with friends and just sitting back and chilling out. She will give you crazy-munchies and a need for more.  She is really more-ish and very flavoursome with a sweet /spicy taste to her.”

 “Bag Appeal: 10/10 Very sticky, and extremely stinky. The buds are very thick and dense with no movement, and covered in resin.”

 perfect for the home grower


“Overall: She is an easy strain to grow just a hungry one and for a plant grown in 84 days and yielding 172g of sticky rock soils buds who can complain. I would recommend this strain for experienced growers as she is a little thirsty/hungry from the onset. But then again most of the Dutch Passion strains I’ve grown seem to like a good 2-4L of feed per day in full bloom but with yields like these what do you expect.”



Congratulations to Duck Commander, this was a quality exhibition of compost growing and a 172g harvest which most home-growers would be extremely satisfied with.


Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

 data table





November 7th 2013
Easy Indoor
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