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Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar review by TaNg


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Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is the latest auto to join our highly-rated auto collection.  It is a cross of two of our existing best selling automatics, AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry, and it is a variety which really does deliver great yields of very strong pot just 10-11 weeks after germinating the seed.  Since AutoBlueberry and AutoMazar are themselves both stable, established varieties the hybridization process has produced a top-quality blend of the two parent varieties. 

stinky and heavily bloomed, how an auto should look


The grow diary this week comes from TaNg, an expert grower that has specialized in producing heavy-yielding automatics using his preferred combination of LED, soil and air-pots.  The pictures in this weeks grow diary all come from TaNg and his original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network.  Our confidence in this new variety was so high that TaNg was given seeds to grow before the seeds were made publically available.  In the end TaNg grew 4 superb plants, the smallest one produced 130g of top quality pot.

buds as thick as your arm


Tang germinated four Blue AutoMazar seeds and planted them in 15 litre airpots using ‘Plagron Light’ soil.  This is a pre-mixed soil which can be bought online or from many grow-shops.  The soil contains perlite to maintain a light soil texture which allows roots to develop well.  Many new growers (as well as many expert growers) find that growing is easier and more consistent when they buy professionally prepared soil. Airpots are a recent evolution, they are plastic plant pots with numerous air-holes.  The air holes allow plenty of oxygen to penetrate to the plant roots and this allows a very healthy root structure to grow inside.  Any roots that come out of the holes are chopped off (‘air pruning’), this encourages further root branching inside the air-pot.  The inside of the air-pot is dimpled rather than smooth.  This stops the roots circling around the sides and bottom of the pot and encourages the roots to use the full volume of soil available to them.Blue AutoMazar under a blazing LED

Above, Blue AutoMazar thriving under the Grow Northern LED technology


The Blue AutoMazar’s were grown under 24-hour light for the first 4 weeks.  After that they were grown under 20 hours of daily light with 4 hours of darkness each day.  Different auto growers have different systems.  Some growers use a continuous cycle of 20 hours light/4 hours darkness.  Other growers prefer to use continuous light (zero darkness) for the entire grow.  A well-bred auto is flexible and robust enough to take whatever light system they are given. 

close up of frosty bud

Above, close up of a Blue AutoMazar bud.  Rich resin coverage and very strong


For the first 4 weeks the small plants were grown under a Grow Northern GN0006 LED, this is a proven and powerful 6-spot LED unit which delivers around 190W of carefully blended LED light and produces reliably great results.  For the last 7 weeks TaNg was able to introduce extra LED lighting, and when the plants got too big they were moved into separate grow-rooms. Advanced Nutrients were used throughout; Sensi grow and Bloom, Voodoo Juice, Sensi Zym,Carboload,B52 and Atami Bloombastic.  The plants produced a heavy central bloom surrounded by numerous secondary blooms all of which gave good quantities of frosty buds.  This is characteristic of all Dutch Passion Automatics, the rapid growth of the blooms under 20 hours of daily light allows the home grower to produce all the medical/recreational pot they need quickly and simply. 

a fat Blue AutoMazar in the grow tent

Here are a few comments from TaNg himself.

“Growing from seed threw out some variations on the cross. I had one super frosty Auto Blueberry dominant phenotype.  Two others were a lovely mix of the AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry and the remaining one looked more Auto Mazar in appearance, taste and smell. The two that were a good mix of the parents gave a lovely coffee cake aroma while growing.  But after curing the aroma has evolved into a strong berry and spicy smell”

“It was really impressive growth from this strain, considering they had no more than 190w for the first few weeks I ended up with 4 large autos.”

“Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is a very easy strain to grow.  I didn't give the plants individually prepared feed, they were all given the same strength feed all the way through the grow.  This is another DP strain with huge yield potential...in the right hands a 400g Blue AutoMazar is very possible”

more buds

“This is a fantastically strong strain that combines body and head stone.  If you have a small amount in a vapouriser it’s a very cerebral buzz, you know the kind where music sounds even more amazing than usual.  But if you have too much, make sure there is a couch nearby.
The tastes and smell vary with the phenotypes but they are all super stinky.  It is a very strong smelling smoke, I've found myself avoiding smoking in the garden in case the neighbors smell it over the fence lol.   I got a great harvest from the 4 plants, with the smallest around 130g and the biggest just over 200g”

pretty buds growing under the pink LED light


Blue AutoMazar is a variety which every serious auto-grower should see for themselves to really appreciate the quality that is on offer.  Not only does it deliver a very potent aromatic crop with great flavour and taste, but it also offers huge yield potential.  It is a variety that will excel in expert hands, but will also deliver superb results for a first-time grower.    But perhaps the best thing about Blue AutoMazar is the fact that it comes from two of our most proven, best-selling auto’s.  That means it is a very consistent hybrid which can be relied upon to deliver great harvests of top-strength cannabis around 11 weeks after the seeds germinate.  The quality and strength of the cannabis is just the same as you get from traditional varieties.  Highly recommended to all home growers!

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion



August 30th 2013
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On 30 -08-2013 at 11:16 u Duggy wrote:
Awesome blog TaNg...

On 30 -08-2013 at 13:58 u Blue wrote:
Awesome ... Just awesome! Congratulations to DP & TaNg for super genetics and a sweet grow!

On 30 -08-2013 at 14:30 u Robwars wrote:
Another TaNg classic!!! Well done!!!

On 01 -09-2013 at 21:02 u Ron wrote:
Wicked stuff man :) I've just switched to LED airpot and soil grower myself (progro 400X) from HPS 600W normal pots. getting 2 ms006 in a month started this strain a 2 weeks ago and looking great, Hope I can achieve something similar to your results and do DP bluemazar proud. also got AutoXtreme on the go, in no small part due to your work. Thank you TaNg and DP =D

On 13 -09-2013 at 16:42 u Viracocha wrote:
great job TaNg ... DP & GN ,a match made in heaven :p

On 05 -10-2013 at 20:52 u Duck Commander wrote:
TaNg thats a very sweet grow. TaNg,DP ,GN = monster grow

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