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Dutch Passion CBD Kush medical cannabis grow review


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CBD-rich cannabis varieties, such as Dutch Passion CBD Kush, are becoming very popular with medical cannabis growers. This weeks customer review comes from ‘DB’ who found the CBD Kush helpful for anxiety, Muscle/joint pain (resulting from Lyme’s Disease), general discomfort and restlessness.  Many growers of CBD-rich medical varieties tell us that it gives a powerful and pleasant effect on the body which reduces pain.  One other advantage of CBD-rich varieties is that they have a milder and more manageable mental effect for many people.  This means they still feel very relaxed but with less anxiety than they might get from a traditional THC-rich variety.

cbd kush


DB was able to grow his own CBD-rich cannabis despite having a relatively small tent 60cm x 60cm which was just 120cm tall.  DB used LED grow lighting which is powerful, compact and well suited to small grow tents since LED produces far less heat than older HPS grow light technology.


cbd kush


The following comments are from DB

 “High/Effect Duration:

 I started using cannabis to relieve the symptoms of Lyme disease and co-infections that I suffer from. The symptoms I'm dealing with are for example nausea, joint pain/stiffness, tense/stiff muscles, general discomfort, restlessness and I've also become a lot more anxious/nervous than I used to be. I tried some traditional high THC varieties and while they relieved the physical symptoms they would occasionally make me very anxious and nervous, especially at higher doses, which tends to ruin the experience. 

Then I read about high CBD strains and it sounded like what I wanted. The first thing you notice when you vape it is that there is not the initial head rush of a traditional strain. It comes on a bit slower and more like a wave of relaxation. In smaller amounts it's like being stoned from the neck down. It nicely relaxes the body without too much impairment so it lets you go about your day. In larger amounts you start to notice the high a bit more. Again, it has that relaxing anti-anxiety effect but you start to notice more head effects. One thing which is nice about it is that you still get a euphoric uplifting effect, giggles included. I also find that it releases the tension and stress in my muscles and I can literally feel my shoulders drop when it starts to kick in. 

I have also made tinctures with it that I either put in a capsule and swallow or drop under the tongue. Obviously when you swallow it, it takes longer to take effect but it also lasts longer so I usually do it in combination with vaping. Under the tongue is nice as it's somewhere in-between vaping and eating.

On the weekends I like to mix it with a traditional variety to give it an extra kick. I find that the CBD Kush tends to mellow out whatever other strain I mix it with so it's more manageable for me. “


cbd kush



“BAG APPEAL: *****

 The buds are covered in orange hairs and look very tasty if I do say so myself.



Not too stretchy and branched out nicely. Worked out great for filling my SCROG. I topped them between the 4th and 5th node and it only slowed them down for about 3 days. I gave them a four here because my impression is that the yield is more towards medium than large.


THE SMELL: *****

 Sweet and fruity with a slightly earthy undertone. Not the strongest smell but very nice.


THE SMOKE: *****

 Smooth fruity vapor. Goes nicely with food.


THE HIGH: *****

 Mellow, relaxing and functional with no anxiety. Doesn't give you the rush of a high-THC variety but comes on more like a wave of relaxation, nice body stone with less head effect.”



Congratulations to DB  on his grow.  We hope it shows that growing your own CBD-rich medical cannabis is possible even in small grow tents.


March 13th 2015
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