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Dutch Passion cooperation with the CBD Crew !


In our 25 years in seed sales I suppose you could say that we have seen our customers fall into two main categories - the self sufficient recreational grower and the medical growers. The medical growers are a minority but they increase in number each year as the recognition of marijuana as a medicine increases. This next project is something we hope will be of real interest and benefit for the medical growers and their grow cooperatives.

Dutch Passion will be working with the CBD-Crew to produce CBD-rich versions of a few of our varieties. The seeds will give rise to regular and feminized varieties with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. It is still too early to say which varieties we'll be releasing. To know more about this ratio we suggest you have a look at the CBD-crew website: https://cbdcrew.org/quality-standard/

What will the CBD-rich strains offer? Medical evidence indicates that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory with other medical benefits for people with a range of needs including pain relief, cancer therapy and anti- spasm properties. Big players in the pharmaceutical industry have been investing in the cannabinoid market and are now convinced about the medical benefits of CBD. Every year there are new journals and new studies; the diversity of the work makes us wonder how much potential there is for medical marijuana and high-CBD varieties. The possibilities are very interesting and significant for the medical growers.  Dutch Passion are determined to be able to make a good contribution.

But as well as the research papers there are the stories that make you think a lot of people might benefit from a CBD-rich strain who might not otherwise use marijuana at all. One story from a medical grower made a big impact on us, about a lady with cancer pain who had never had alcohol or smoked weed before, her first experience with marijuana was a bit too bewildering for her. Perhaps a traditional strong weed is too much for someone like that. Wouldn't they be better off having the option of a low THC weed which would make them feel less stoned? Even regular medi-weed users that enjoy strong marijuana may prefer the occasional option of a low-THC/high-CBD variety especially if they suffer from one of the illnesses that CBD has been proven to be effective for.

It will be an interesting time for us to get reliable feedback from the people who matter. So this will be an important time as we seek to understand more about this new field of marijuana breeding.

We are joining forces with the CBD-Crew who we have found to be friendly and easy to work with. These are Howard Marks, Shantibaba and Jaime of Resin Seeds. At this moment we are testing out CBD-rich varieties produced by CBD-Crew in two grows of the variety Haze/Skunk. Coincidentally Haze/Skunk was the variety that Dutch Passion made famous in Holland and beyond in the late 80's and early 90's.  Amongst other things by winning the High Times Cannabis Cup through the coffeeshop competition. The seed company competition didn't exist in those days. We expect to have CBD-rich seeds for sale somewhere in September 2012. 

The work has started and if it all goes well we will have a few exclusive varieties available to sell around September 2012. These will have Dutch Passion names and they will only be available from us. In the meantime we have asked two trusted medical customers to take a look at the high CBD Haze/Skunk variety and give the opinions from a medical grow cooperative. Oils and extracts will be taken, shared and evaluated.

The real-world feedback will be valuable. We don't expect to get reports of super-strong highs. You might get THC and CBD levels of up to 10-11% each, and the ratios will be varying but generally in a 1:1 ratio,  plus or minus a margin.

But we are more interested in feedback on whether it was effective in pain conditions, muscle spasm control, post operative discomfort, cancer pain, MS, back pains, Crohn's disease and so on. So I hope some quality plants can be grown and plenty of feedback given. It is new for us, as always in such situations we have more questions than answers. But if it works we hope we can help medical marijuana reach new people who otherwise would not have benefited from it.

Dutch Joe

May 25th 2012


Recent comments (13)

On 25 -05-2012 at 16:51 u Jason MedMan wrote:
Awesome stuff, I'm really impressed about DP taking this step towards the medical users of weed. I certainly hope that these CBD seeds will be available soon, I can't wait to give 'm a try.

On 26 -05-2012 at 14:30 u Jeff Ditchfield wrote:
I'm very pleased to be working with Dutch Passion on a test grow and I'm looking forward to how some of these high CBD strains venture outdoors here in Southern Spain I will use the crop to make a medicinal oil and I'm also looking at making a version of Sativex using a 50/50 THC/CBD oil as a base, www.facebook.com/dumpthedealer

On 26 -05-2012 at 17:22 u Mrplow16 wrote:
I got osteoarthritis in my spine and i'm very interested in getting the best high CBD level seeds that I can to find out what medicinal benefit the plant can have for me.

On 26 -05-2012 at 20:10 u J. C. Nilsson wrote:
Now this is GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a reumatism called Bechterew and today I know how much the cannabis has helped me thru my life.

On 29 -05-2012 at 17:30 u KG wrote:
Thank you DP, this work is going to reward you in many ways.

On 19 -07-2012 at 18:58 u Arno Niemens wrote:
Suffering from chronic lyme disease I can not wait until DP releases high CBD strains. Keep it up!

On 15 -08-2012 at 08:04 u Mamabear wrote:
High CBD (10:1 & higher specifically) MMJ is dramatically improving the lives of children with a rare and catastrophic epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. I'm talking hundreds of seizures a day to NONE. Too many other positive effects to list......improved mood and appetite, sleeping better etc etc etc. This is an incredibly medication resistant disease that has no one right recipe for treating. However....ALL kids using high CBD tinctures or oil are improving. Please help us save our children from the progressive detriment caused by Dravet. It literally IS a race against.the clock!!! Thank you.

On 06 -09-2012 at 19:09 u Reensmoka wrote:
good work,cant wait to try these new CBD strains awesome way to go peace!

On 08 -09-2012 at 21:30 u Zla wrote:
Thank You D.P. from Croatia.

On 20 -10-2012 at 11:54 u ewan cairns wrote:
im def going to grow it and i will post detailed report on grow and if it can give more than 3 hrs of seep undisturbed it will be my new mother peace n karma to all

On 03 -06-2013 at 15:36 u Prvi PotP. wrote:
what hapened with this project? I was waiting like crazy for new high CBD strain/s from DP and all I/we get is a CBD skunkHaze from cbd crew. i tought that PD is planing to make ome new strains with guys from cbd crew.. I mean.I already bought CBD SkunkHaze but i was really expecting more (new) strains. are you planing to make anything other than cbd skunkhaze?? and when( if you do ) ? thnx

On 17 -06-2015 at 18:33 u Stephane wrote:
I think a large proportion of people who want high cbd strain doesn't want to hear about thc. A strain with a 1:1 ratio has no use in my case, and i suspect a lot of people doesn't need the "high" effect of the thc. My two cents.

On 30 -07-2015 at 03:07 u Ed wrote:
hope the availability of pluscbd gold doesn't slow whole plant strain research down. It's strong in cbd, and flavour, but it's not blueberry. Any chance of a 1:1 auto blueberry? Everything tastes of straw. Thanks for all the good work :)

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