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Dutch Passion Frisian Duck. Cannabis like you have never seen before


frisian duck baby


Frisian Duck is one of the most unusual cannabis varieties ever developed by Dutch Passion. It’s a cross of our outdoor number-one best seller Frisian Dew with a carefully selected gene bank ‘Ducksfoot'. 


Ducksfoot is a strange looking cannabis variety with webbed cannabis which look notably different from the traditional cannabis leaf shape.  A large number of pictures are included in this weeks blog because we have received so many mails about Frisian Duck since she was announced.  

webbed leaves

Above and below.  Frisian Duck produces uniquely camouflaged leaves making it ideal for urban growing

frisian duck

  The Ducksfoot cross with Frisian Dew, and the selective breeding over many generations has produced Frisian Duck.  Its a variety which shows the best of both parents; tough enough for outdoor growing in Northern Europe or extreme southern latitudes together with webbed leaves to provide the unique ability to make it look like any other wild plant which you might walk straight past.  The breeding to create Frisian Duck took several years but the result was worth it and shows the remarkable talents of some real ‘Masters at Work’.  Most of the leaves are webbed and stay that way often into the end stages of flowering.   Whilst most people would recognise the distinctive shape and iconic shape of a normal cannabis leaf they would fail to recognise Frisian Duck as a cannabis plant.  Even experienced growers found it hard to believe.  This makes Frisian Duck the perfect choice for people that grow in an urban back garden, patio, balcony or greenhouse and want the added camouflage provided by the webbed leaf which often resembles the squashed shape of a ducks foot.  


crazy leaves

big buds too


The cannabis buds grow in the normal way; they look, smell and taste just like normal cannabis.  The effects are the same.  Often the buds may show some beautiful blue colours.  Outdoors she is ready around the start of October in the northern hemisphere or the start of April in the southern hemisphere.  In Europe she can survive the Dutch outdoor climate and will also do very well in a greenhouse or polytunnel growing into a christmas-tree shaped plant.  In good conditions she can reach 2-3 metres high.  Yields are average or slightly above average, but quality of the cannabis is good with a strong sativa high with a spicy taste and hints of pine/citrus.    


Frisian Duck can also be grown indoors like a normal feminized photoperiod variety.  Flowering begins when the lights are switched to 12/12, just like normal.  Indoors the leaves also have the webbed ‘ducks foot’ shape.  Because the strong cannabis aroma is the same as traditional cannabis this variety will still need carbon filters for indoor grows.

outdoor photo

it looks simply weird


Frisian Duck has been one of Dutch Passions most unusual, and most difficult, breeding challenges.  We have had numerous requests over the years, especially from outdoor/greenhouse growers, for a stealth cannabis variety that you could walk past and fail to recognise.  And thats the real beauty of this variety - the natural camouflage given by the unusual leaf shape reduces the chance of discovery.  People that were reluctant to grow a cannabis plant in the corner of their garden, or the countryside, will feel that the odds have been tipped significantly in their favour.  A Frisian Duck will look great among the tomato plants in the greenhouse.  And with her beautiful purple colours a Frisian Duck be perfect in the flower bed next to your flowering shrubs.  In the countryside, hills, river banks and fields this is a variety which will naturally blend into the background.  Frisian Duck does not mind being trained (tied down) to keep her short, she can also be topped and will respond with a bushier and shorter structure.



good yield outdoors


Even experienced cannabis growers found it hard to believe the appearance of the plants.  Without the distinctive cannabis leaf shape the whole plant is simply unrecognisable. Frisian Duck offers something special and unique for the self sufficient urban cannabis grower. Its a typical Dutch Passion style project, creating something that is new and offering the home grower even more convenient ways to grow their own cannabis.  Seeds are feminized and available in packs of 3, 5 or 10.  We hope you like Frisian Duck, and we end the blog with plenty of pictures to enjoy.  


ps find Dutch Passion on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dutch.passion


who will ever know

January 16th 2015


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Recent comments (45)

On 16 -01-2015 at 12:05 u Lisa wrote:
Where do ya get it?

On 16 -01-2015 at 13:59 u Eddy | Dutch Passion wrote:
seeds are for sale on our website here http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/cannabis-seeds/product/frisian-duck-feminized-cannabis-seeds/ :-)

On 16 -01-2015 at 18:03 u Edward Corwin wrote:

On 17 -01-2015 at 20:21 u Carlos Herrera C wrote:
Awesome!! absolutely beatiful...how can I get some seeds...?

On 17 -01-2015 at 23:29 u WildOne wrote:
What a great idea. I know the skank smell is a big part of bud culture, but if the weed could also have little smell as well as not be recognisable...

On 18 -01-2015 at 10:14 u Phrtao wrote:
Just needs an auto variety now and anyone can have cannabis !

On 21 -03-2015 at 11:38 u Calvin wait wrote:
Can u ship to the USA

On 21 -03-2015 at 15:28 u Dan Barry wrote:
Beautiful! How can I get some seeds?

On 21 -03-2015 at 18:22 u Richard wrote:
how do I get some seeds of this plant sent to me

On 22 -03-2015 at 13:50 u Ronnie wrote:
Can you ship to the U.S. ?

On 22 -03-2015 at 19:15 u John ribchester wrote:
Very interested in this for medical reasons! Thanks

On 23 -03-2015 at 15:56 u Liam wrote:
Thanks Eddy , will grab some of these next week Regards :)

On 25 -03-2015 at 09:43 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Sorry guys we do not ship our seeds to the USA or Mexico, Europe only. More details about our shipping policy below http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/faq/faq5/

On 27 -03-2015 at 23:03 u Dzoja wrote:
shiping in serbia ?

On 04 -04-2015 at 23:25 u Uk passion wrote:
when do i plant this outdoor uk ?

On 07 -04-2015 at 14:37 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
This variety can be planted outdoors after the last frost, so for northern european growers that would mean around mid-May. Many people germinate the seeds indoors and keep them indoors for the first 2-3 weeks while they are the most vulnerable.

On 03 -05-2015 at 15:50 u Steve wrote:
Have just ordered seed. Would like to grow one plant in garden but wonder if this will create a smell to alert neighbours?

On 04 -05-2015 at 10:26 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Steve, yes, this variety does still smell like traditional cannabis so please be aware of the aroma.

On 06 -05-2015 at 15:22 u Bert wrote:
I bought some of these seeds. I live in Belgium and it doesn't look like the temperature would drop below zero. Can I plant them already or should i wait?

On 22 -06-2015 at 20:16 u Michael wrote:
I purchased the Frisian Duck from you a few months back. I started them indoors and put them out at the end of April. I noticed they grow quick as they are now between 1-1.25m tall! That is big for Germany as my other strains outdoors are 50-75cm tall. They are mixed in with nature and are not easy to see. I can\'t wait for fall.

On 04 -07-2015 at 11:56 u Badcat88 wrote:
Really impressed so far. I am an amateur botanist, but would NEVER recognize this (it hasn't flowered yet, so this may change). In greenhouse in UK it has reached about 1.5m by July & still growing strong & fast. Suspect I may have to restrict it's growth eventually, or it will be out of the roof.

On 29 -07-2015 at 11:34 u Tony wrote:
Growing, growing 2.5meters,but no flower until now is this normal

On 30 -07-2015 at 09:09 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Tony - 29//7/2015. Flowering in the northern hemisphere should start in August and be complete by start of October. Good luck :-)

On 21 -08-2015 at 12:22 u Michael wrote:
I got flowers starting last week (ca. 15/08).

On 30 -08-2015 at 21:07 u Phrtao wrote:
Yes flowering at about mid August in UK. So don't plant too early if growing outside (unless you want a plant that is several metres tall !!). Does great in a greenhouse with tomato feed !

On 31 -08-2015 at 19:02 u Mel wrote:
I'm from Argentina, I want to buy the seed an plant it outdoors. I think for november mostrly, could it work? It will be the last of spring day and the beggining of summer. Here is really humid. Thanks!

On 01 -09-2015 at 09:27 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Mel (from Argentina). Yes, in the southern hemisphere Frisian Duck should be planted outdoors around November. It might be preferable to germinate the plants indoors for the first 2 weeks while the seedlings are small and vulnerable and put them outdoors when the weather is warming up (no frosts)

On 16 -09-2015 at 12:46 u Peter wrote:
Yes these are to me the best thing since sliced bread. Seeing is beleving, know these personally, impressed. I posted a last question, can u take this strain indoors say to finish them off, as sunshine is not so good now. And could be a wow on the fruit. Mm impressed indeed.Eh well done dutch passion, impressive. Thank you peter.

On 16 -09-2015 at 13:06 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Hi Peter, Yes, Frisian Duck can be grown indoors from seed to harvest, or just finished indoors if you prefer. The fact that she grows well indoors is an unexpected bonus :-) Remember we have a photo competition (see our website) if you are feeling lucky She will have a heavy aroma indoors so you will need to consider that

On 17 -09-2015 at 21:02 u Shells wrote:
flowering sept UK,will they finish in time ? look good , hate to think the uk weather is going to let us down , ? any one in a similar situation , growing outdoors in UK

On 20 -09-2015 at 13:43 u Rory McGuigan wrote:
I live in one of the wettest part of the UK. I have a small well hidden greenhouse, that was positioned purposely for growing cannabis. I have been put off due to reports that this will not work but am much more positive now reading this. I have waited for other plants outside the greenhouse to mature to hide the greenhouse from nosey passerby's and in this time have had limited success with some fruit and veg. When we do get sunshine the greenhouse only gets this for a few hours in the early part of the day....not ideal but a must due to my location and setting. Will this plant work with proper care and attention and when can it be planted? Am happy to start inside and then plant directly into the ground (inside of the greenhouse) The greenhouse is 6ft x 4ft. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!

On 20 -09-2015 at 17:01 u Andy wrote:
Hi guys, firstly nice job this breed of duck is the dogs dangerlys, this the first plant I've managed to grow till flower without any real health problems, I moved them outside in June a little late for the UK. But still end of August now & there about 1.5m & starting to go purple. I can't wait to get a taste, will be getting more seeds off you real soon to make sure they do even better next year.

On 27 -02-2016 at 23:42 u GGonny wrote:
You can get these in Canada at Sacred Seeds in Toronto. I can't wait to grow her LST, and vertical.

On 22 -03-2016 at 14:13 u Tania wrote:
Does this strain have any medical properties?

On 23 -03-2016 at 10:43 u Eddy wrote:
Tania, 22nd March 2016. We believe that all cannabis varieties have medical value. However we should say that Frisian Duck is not classified as a CBD-rich variety, in other words CBD is below the 4% level required for it to be classed as CBD-rich. But it is still a good medical variety :-)

On 24 -03-2016 at 09:31 u Eddy wrote:
Tania, 22nd March 2016. We believe that all cannabis varieties have medical value. However we should say that Frisian Duck is not classified as a CBD-rich variety, in other words CBD is below the 4% level required for it to be classed as CBD-rich. But it is still a good medical variety :-)

On 06 -05-2016 at 00:33 u Lion Nava wrote:
I'm from Brazil , bought seeds of F. Duck this month , I think of germinating them now in May , there is a problem with that ? What ?

On 08 -05-2016 at 09:17 u Eddy wrote:
Lion Nava, plant your Frisian Duck seeds at the normal time for cannabis cultivation. The Duck plants will grow at the normal speed and you can harvest them at the normal time. The leaves will remain unrecognisable :-)

On 16 -10-2016 at 11:41 u GuitarMan wrote:
Just harvested and as it was my first time,I probably made some mistakes as the buds didn't get very big, but still a decent 100grams from three plants. I probably planted them too late as I was traveling, but I am definitely trying and improving next year. I had min indoors for about a month and then in pots outside. Topped them so they were about a meter high. Will use special pod next year and let them grow a little higher. Not a lot of work and a very nice mild flavor!

On 02 -04-2017 at 07:33 u Mat wrote:
Had 2 of these last year outside, if u want it to be stealthy dont let it get to 3 meters in height :) after the first bloom was visible i kept on topping for like 2 weeks, so i had a massive amount of big buds. after 4 weeks of blooming the plant was a little heavier and ended up being just under 2 meters high, also 2 meters in diameter, had about 800 grams from 2 plants, both purple pheno's. harvested end september until begin october. one backpack at a time :) I did give them 24hrs of MH light for like 2 weeks before planting outside in i think it was like the second half of april but cant remember :) i know i was a little early :) bought 3 seeds this year again, so i plan to put 2 of these in the same spot again this year. Great outdoor variety, almost no rot at all, never had any other problems appart from yellow tipped leaves at some point, managed to fix that before it got worse, this plant needs allot of food :) I grew it bio, so basicly added nutrients every 2 months or so to the top soil, also used canna bio flores during flowering period. Id highly reccomend this plant for growing outside

On 22 -04-2017 at 22:47 u Shaggy wrote:
Would love to order Frisian duck seeds but can't get order processed prbly bcause I live in US

On 24 -04-2017 at 08:44 u Eddy wrote:
Shaggy, 22nd April 2017. Sorry we cant send seeds to the USA, so we cant process orders for those destinations. Try Attitude seeds, they often ship our seeds everywhere

On 28 -04-2017 at 17:38 u Tony wrote:
Me and my friend just picked up a load of these seeds, just wondering exactly should we be using like say biobuzz soil with perlite and stuff in it? After we plant in pot after germination because we're keeping it indoor for a bit then putting it outside. And for the likes of feeding the plant exactly how much should we give the plant and what in N-P-K? Sorry guys bit of a newbie cheers. PS In the UK

On 01 -05-2017 at 10:44 u Eddy wrote:
Tony, 28th April 2017. Great idea to start the Ducks indoors. This protects them from the worst of the rain, low early season night time temps, and gives the plants the best start. Once the seeds have germinated they will need very little (if any) nutrients. The soil in the plant pot will provide early nutrients. If you plant outside directly into the ground you will not need to worry too much about nutrients at all. If you plant outside in containers then use large containers and get some soil bloom nutrients from your local hydro shop . Good luck!

On 08 -06-2017 at 13:16 u HighGrade-Dwarf wrote:
Hey guys I am totally new to growing and would like to try the auto version, has any one grown this version? I live in the UK and will be using L.E.D Full spectrum. I would any help given. thanx

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