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Dutch Passion Glueberry OG Cannabis Cup Success.


Glueberry OG is a feminized photoperiod indica cannabis seed variety from Dutch Passion, a cross of Blueberry and Gorilla Glue from the USA. Dutch Passion were proud to take second prize in the 2017 Homegrown Cup ‘Best Indica’ variety with Glueberry OG. The Homegrown Cup is closely linked to the European cannabis home growing community. The top varieties at the Homegrown Cup are all varieties which have been popular with domestic cultivators looking for solid, reliable XL producers of high THC marijuana.
Glueberry OG narrowly missed out on first place, and impressed the judges with the highly potent, intensely enjoyable and relaxing Glueberry OG high with XXL yields and high THC levels. Glueberry OG gives excellent results for cannabis concentrate producers due to the high oil levels, she is a great choice for growers that specialise in producing shatter, BHO, cannabis oil, hash etc.
Buy your feminised Glueberry OG cannabis seeds online from Dutch Passion and enjoy one of the best new indica varieties in recent years.
December 12th 2017


Recent comments (3)

On 15 -12-2017 at 16:12 u Dwayne wrote:
Cool beans,

On 29 -04-2018 at 14:30 u Sean wrote:
Hi it’s my first time growing Glueberry o.g and I’m wondering how many inches high will you get the plant before you will put it on a 12 hour cycle ?

On 30 -04-2018 at 08:23 u Eddy wrote:
Sean 29th April 2018. Most people grow her for 4-5 weeks before switching to 12/12. Maybe a foot high or there about, depending on your grow room layout

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