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Dutch Passion Review. CBD Kush by Clark French


CBD, the story is just beginning

CBD Kush is one of Dutch Passions CBD-rich cannabis seed varieties.  This means that the dried cannabis buds contain 4% or more CBD (Cannabidiol).  Traditional cannabis varieties tend to contain approx. 0.1% CBD.  CBD is receiving huge interest from medical cannabis users who report a range of medical benefits which they can’t get from non-CBD cannabis varieties.  

This weeks CBD Kush review comes from Clark French of the United Patients Alliance, which is lobbying the UK Government to legalize the use of medical cannabis.  Clark has Multiple Sclerosis (‘MS’) and uses cannabis to relieve the symptoms, his review is below.


"CBD Kush Appearance – Lovely looking dense buds, a little elongated and pointing to a tip at the top of the bud. Some of the buds look like high calibre bullets with a dense middle and a pointed tip. There are some medium sized pronounced calyxes, not big fat foxtails like you would expect to see on amnesia but they're there and you can make many of them out across the buds. The colours are pastel green. There is a serious amount of trichomes which glisten in the sun if you hold it to the light. A very good looking variety of cannabis. "


"CBD Kush Aroma. Real sweet and nutty to start. When the buds are broken up you get a big aniseed and an almost alcohol-type smell. Its not a strong alcohol smell ( I don't drink, so am not really alcohols biggest fan) but it is definitely there. There is an almost “chemical” quality about the aroma which smells delicious and it is not easy to identify exactly what it is but its lovely none the less, and that's not forgetting rich and deep earthy low. Great aroma's from CBD Kush leave my mouth watering!"


plenty of trichomes

Above and below.  CBD Kush ready to harvest.  Lots of resin and good sized buds.

juicy looking buds at harvest

frost on the leaves - always a good sign


"Flavour. The aroma comes through very nicely in the favour and you can taste the earthy and sweetness very well. The almost ‘chem flavour’ melts more into aniseed and earthiness.  There is a distinct muddy low which leaves a nice taste on the palate after the exhale."


"Effects. Now this is a very different one for different people. For myself the effect's are mainly medical and I find this is a great strain to use during the day when I have things to do.  I get some very good pain relief and it helps me with spasms lots too, however I have noticed that with having more CBD in the day my bladder is weaker than if I have high THC. But the pain relief is extremely good so I have very much enjoyed having some CBD Kush to medicate with. I can get though quite a bit of it at a time as the lower levels of THC and the balance with the CBD brings the ‘racy high’ down. However with CBD Kush I do find it easy to get more into me, which has its positives when medicating for pain and I think part of the reason I find it so good. 

Having said that a friend had some of the same and said that it got her too high, so high it was unpleasant. So it is worth remembering that different strains effect people differently. Many people who don't have a serious medical condition have told me they also love CBD and find it has a therapeutic benefit to their lives be it relaxing after a long day, sleeping when unable to or relieving migraines or commons pains. CBD is a great medicine which can be utilised by people with and without serious health complaints alike. Everyone can make use of the therapeutic value of CBD to enrich their lives. "

CBD Kush in a field, I wish I was there too

dried bud ready to enjoy

pretty buds, decent size too

buds you want to squeeze and smell

"Comments. CBD Kush is a lovely strain with fantastic flavours and effects. I like her lots and would say she is more than worth a try especially if you are considering a CBD rich variety. 


It is also worth mentioning the research regarding CBD and Mental health with several studies showing that CBD is an effective anti psychotic .  GW Pharmaceuticals own research summary on the medicinal use of cannabis shows how versatile and valuable medical cannabis is becoming. "


Clark French. 



Medical cannabis users often can’t get access (or simply can’t afford) legal cannabis medicines such as Sativex.   However they can get the same benefits simply growing their own CBD-rich cannabis for a fraction of the cost.  Dutch Passions current CBD-rich cannabis seed varieties are CBD SkunkHaze, ComPassion and CBD Kush.  It’s an area where we are sure we will be very busy in years to come.


ps find lots more about Dutch Passion and our varieties on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dutch.passion

get the vaporiser ready....

last bud to enjoy










February 6th 2015
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