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Dutch Passion StarRyder Grow Review. The best Dutch Passion auto so far?


starryder cartoon, the star of the show baby!

Dutch Passion StarRyder has made an incredible impression with our customers since she was introduced. Many believe StarRyder to be the most potent of our auto’s and we get lots of great feedback on her.  From first-time growers to experienced auto-growers, everyone is pleased with the performance and all report generous harvests of hard, potent buds with great taste and a smooth super-strong high. 

one of the plants grown, branches look heavy

 One of the StarRyders grown by Kush, lots of heavy blooms


This weeks grow review came from Dutch Passion grower ‘KushT’, his original grow diary is here on Autoflower Network.  KushT germinated 2 StarRyder seeds, he harvested them 84 days after germination and got 320g of dry bud from them.  KushT reckons only Think Different can compare in terms of the intensely potent buds.  KushT is a grower that uses a wide array of nutrients to optimise his growing.  He also grew a spectacular 300g AutoMazar using LED on a previous grow so he knows how to get the best from an auto.

sticky buds, makes you want to grab them

 Sticky StarRyder buds, and you get lots of them


StarRyder is developing a reputation for being a ‘bullet-proof’ variety that delivers great results no matter how she is grown.  If you have never grown your own pot before then StarRyder would be a great variety to start with. If you have never grown an automatic variety before then we strongly recommend StarRyder. If you have grown auto’s and want to try one of the best then StarRyder comes with our highest recommendations!  The words and pictures in this weeks blog come from KushT


nice long blooms

 StarRyder blooms are long, large and covered in trichome resin glands



“The two StarRyders were grown in 10L airpots in Plagron light mix. I used a HydroGrow 84x2 LED & Grow Northern MS006 LED. They were both harvested at 84 days old/12 weeks. The plants yielded 170g dry and 150g dry, a total of 320g or 11.5 ounces of top drawer stash”

 big cola's

“StarRyder was very easy to grow and gave me no problems at all apart from demanding plenty of food..

She is not a fussy eater at all. I was giving her EC's of 2.3 & she showed no nutrient burn on her leaf tips. These girls can eat & drink!  They showed female flowers after 3 weeks of growth”

the second StarRyder, looks ace

The second StarRyder grown by Kush.  Branches bow down at the end of flowering and will often need support


“The StarRyder high is initially just that, an excellent soaring sativa high with an almost immediate heightened perception to your surroundings.  Visual and audio senses are tickled pleasantly. After the high comes the stone,   an hour after vaporising StarRyder I find myself mellowed out on the recliner with a really nice body stone. StarRyder along with Think Different are the two strongest auto I've ever smoked. Her taste is tropical fruit – Pineapple, Mango…and Lemon is in there as well but there is a definite underlying dankness to this weed. It's very tasty. Again the tastiest auto ever smoked. I will say that her flowers are uber dense. The most dense flowers I've ever held, never mind grown. Her calyx to leaf ratio is high so they do need support in late bloom. Apart from that it's plain sailing. StarRyder is just that.. a proper star”

 more blooms

 nice nugs

the stash jars are full



Congratulations to KushT who now has plenty of StarRyder stored in jars to enjoy over the summer.  Many people grow their own pot these days, if you have never tried it you will be surprised how easy it is to produce all the pot you need from a pack of seeds.  StarRyder is one of those special customer favourites that produces top quality cannabis however you grow it.  Try some soon!

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

summary table of grow conditions


May 24th 2013
Easy Indoor
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On 24 -05-2013 at 10:11 u Duggy wrote:
Awesome blog and harvest Kush...

On 24 -05-2013 at 10:27 u Hazy wrote:
You played another blinder Kush..Well done sir!!

On 24 -05-2013 at 17:33 u Insert wrote:
Well Grown Kush!!! And what a Summer it will be!!!!

On 24 -05-2013 at 22:38 u Viracocha wrote:
Nice job Kush T .Amazing growing

On 30 -05-2013 at 15:22 u Blue wrote:
Good job Kush! StarRyder looks awesome! ^_^

On 08 -04-2015 at 16:59 u Michael David Whiteford wrote:
Wow super stuff ! Gotta try an auto! I'm now convinced I'm old school what can I say Times they are a changing and high they are going to be :)

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