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Dutch Passion time-lapse grow video's


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This week we give you a blog with a difference.  Ever since we made our first time-lapse video to document the growth cycle of autoflowering cannabis we have had lots of feedback and requests for more.

Our first time-lapse video was of Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry, within a few months of being on YouTube it got over 100,000 views and we were surprised how many people went online to see it.  The time lapse video’s themselves are actually quite tricky to make.  A lot of specialist lighting equipment is needed, and light levels have to be checked accurately to make sure that the video looks smooth and professional.  Tripod mounted cameras are used to take a few pictures several times each day over the 10-11 week grow.  Everything has to be done perfectly all the whole time-lapse project fails!  Below is the Dutch Passion AutoMazar time-lapse video


Assuming the grow is successful and the technology all works correctly then the still images can be sequenced together to give 1-2 minutes of video which show how that particular variety looks during the growth cycle.  Most Dutch Passion auto’s show vigorous growth, with one strong central bloom surrounded by a crown of slightly smaller branches.  Note how the fan leaves rise and fall during the growth cycle.

The first few weeks show the seedling develop.  Unfortunately we can’t see the all-important root development beneath the soil.  But we can see the gradual increase in the size of the auto above the surface.  Dutch Passion auto’s typically show female pre-flowers around 25 days old.  After 7-8 weeks of growth the blooms are beginning to take shape, vertical growth has stopped and the plant is focussed only on creating the maximum amount of buds possible.  Below is the AutoBlueberry time-lapse

Dutch Passion like to feel that our collection of automatics is the best available.  Our breeding is based on some of the finest genetics, which all come from our 30-year old genebank.  This allows us unique access to some of the best original cannabis genetics anywhere in the world.  We combine this with some of the best know-how in the world.  Our breeders have created some of best auto varieties available by continually improving the breeding process to deliver better levels of consistency, yield and potency.  While other seed companies were waiting to see if auto’s were ‘here to stay’ Dutch Passion was working harder than ever to improve them.  This gave us an important advantage in the race to create the best automatics.  Below is the time-lapse of StarRyder, one of the customer favourites in our auto collection

Today the Dutch Passion auto’s are widely recognised for their performance.  Some of our varieties such as AutoMazar, Think Different, AutoBlueberry and StarRyder are seen as some of the best available anywhere.  But it is worth saying that all our auto’s are actually bred to the same standards for yield and strength.  Even some of our less famous auto’s such as PolarLights #3, Taiga#2 and SnowStorm #2 can all deliver exactly the same yields of strong pot as the better known varieties.  As regular Dutch Passion customers will know, we are passionate about the quality of all our varieties .


PolarLights #3 video below

But it is not just Dutch Passion that like to make video’s of our varieties.  We also see an increasing number of customers making their own video’s of Dutch Passion varieties.  Here are a selection of some of our favourites

Here is a new release, Blue AutoMazar.  This is a hybrid of AutoBlueberry and AutoMazar, as you might expect a cross of two stable and powerful parents produces a top-class result.  Blue AutoMazar was released in the summer of 2013 and Hazy was chosen as a test grower.  The video which Hazy produced shows the development of a beautiful plant with numerous bud sites.  Blue AutoMazar video below

Think Different is a Dutch Passion automatic which most growers will have heard of.  This variety produces perhaps more spectacular grows than any of our varieties and is the result of finding and automating a very, very special AK47 cutting.  This grow was a scrog of 5x Think Differents under 2kW of HPS light and produced an amazing amount of buds. 

Think Different legal medical-grow video below

Here is one of the most popular Think Different video’s, made by Dr Autoflower and showing the famous original Think Different grow dairy.  There have now been around a quarter of a million views.  YouTube are asking people to sign-in to see it.  Video below


Finally, here are a couple of video’s of our photoperiod traditional varieties from John Smith, a skilled European grower who specialises in soil-grown plants under powerful lights.

Freddy's best video below

Night Queen, Freddys Best, The Ultimate and Euforia below


Dutch Joe

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August 23rd 2013
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