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Dutch Passion Review. Blue Velvet, Freddys Best and CBD Kush


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This weeks Dutch Passion customer grow review comes from Shire, the plants were grown under a 600W HPS light in 10-litre airpots in a mix of coco/clay pebbles and fed with canna nutrients. The original grow diary is here.    Shire grew 2 plants each of Blue Velvet, Freddys Best and CBD Kush


cbd kush full of resin

Above, CBD Kush


Blue Velvet is a sister variety to Blueberry.  Our original 1990’s Blue Velvet genetics come from Oaxaca Gold, a special Chocolate Thai and a powerful Afghani Indica.  Its a top quality variety with a strong but relaxing high, a great anti-anxiety member of the ‘blue’ family.   Freddys Best is often said to be Dutch Passions strongest sativa, probably the main reason for the repeat growers is the soaring hazy high.  For those that like the highest potency cannabis Freddys Best is a reliable choice.  CBD SkunkHaze is a CBD-rich variety, this means the dried buds contain over 4% CBD.  CBD SkunkHaze is grown mostly by medical growers that like the numerous medical benefits offered by CBD rich cannabis.   The CBD SkunkHaze does not deliver the same kind of powerful THC-high as traditional cannabis, but while the mental effects are more relaxed the strong body stone is very special.  Since we started to introduce CBD-rich varieties we have seen more and more demand for them along with continuously positive customer feedback.  

blue velvet bud

Above, Blue Velvet, dense buds and super strong with a generous resin coating


The plants were vegged for 4-5 weeks and flowered for 60 days in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent.  The grow went smoothly, though Shire had to top some of the plants (remove the growing tip, which produces shorter and bushier plants) to prevent them getting too tall for his grow tent.

The following words and pictures are from Shire.


"Blue Velvet.

Taste is easy on the tongue and very smooth. Old school blueberry taste from the mid nineties but with a sweeter edge to it.

The effect is very cerebral and up-lifting. Feels clear-headed and energetic but soon turns to a stupor when you try to do anything difficult or requiring thought."


sticky blue velvet

Above, Blue Velvet at harvest, almost ready to enjoy


"CBD Kush

The taste is lovely piney/citrus with a hint of something i know but can't name. and the effect is a very relaxing body hit that's not quite like anything i have felt from weed but yet is a little familiar. Great for being able to function and feel stoned after the initial sit down feeling has passed. Looks like I am a CBD fan now and will be trying more strains for sure."

more CBD Kush

Above, CBD Kush showing plenty of resin and good looking buds.

Below, Freddys Best.  A customer favourite with a strong 'up' high and good yields

freddys best, sparkling away


"Freddy's Best.

Freddy's Best smells and tastes like Amsterdam. The classic weed taste and smell  with a very strong hint of lemon/pepper and is very distinctive. Take the night off for this one. You're not going to be doing much after but sit and laugh at almost nothing after you have come out your mini coma. Very strong on the body and the mind. Lovely.

I really enjoyed growing these with no issues at all, smoking and vaping them gets much, much better, happy days - I was more than happy with the yield."

big buds on freddys

Above, Freddys Best.


"Since cropping I have made some cannabis oil (with a mixture of all three strains) which is very sedative, a blob an hour before bed gives a very enjoyable and relaxing sleep.  I also made some skin balm by mixing cannabis oil with pure coconut oil, which does the trick.   Additionally I made a lovely piece of bubble hash which I am going to let cure for a while before sampling, it smells amazing though."


oil from the crop and skin balm

Above.  Cannabis oil.  Popular with medical growers who can make skin cream and edibles from it

"All three strains are getting better and more enjoyable as the curing goes on. The stand out plant for me in this grow is the CBD Kush, she smells and tastes of divine pine and the body hit from it is unique, strong, relaxing and very more-ish. I think would CBD Kush would be an excellent anti anxiety or pain relief strain. I can’t wait to try more CBD strains now."


"The CBD Kush has been a major surprise, a VERY lovely relaxed stone from it, I will definitely doing more CBD varieties . The Freddys Best is great and seems to get stronger for a while after a smoke, a real creeper and super potent head high. The Blue Velvet seems to be well named indeed, smooth and also very potent."

CBD Kush looking frosty and smokeable

Above.  A final look at CBD Kush


find lots more about Dutch Passion and our varieties on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dutch.passion

February 13th 2015
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