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Easy ways to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors




More people than ever will grow a few outdoor auto’s in the coming season.  Here is what you can expect.


  • Your auto’s should take about 3 months from start to finish.  
  • The auto’s will probably be around waist-high at finish.  In good conditions the best auto’s can reach 1.5m
  • A good outdoor auto will yield well in optimum soil/sun conditions.  Outdoor harvests of 150g per auto are possible.  In cloudy and cooler conditions 30-50g per auto are more likely.  
  • Assuming you grow good quality autofem seeds the cannabis you harvest from an auto will be the same premium quality cannabis that you are used to.


the great outdoors


greenhouse auto


Growing auto’s outdoor is easy.  If you have a poor growing climate then you need to decide which are the three predictably best months for weather and grow in them.  It can help to germinate the seeds indoors and grow them indoors under e.g. fluorescent light for the first couple of weeks.  This allows the seedlings extra protection during the most vulnerable period of their life.

Varieties such as StarRyder, AutoDurban Poison, AutoFrisian Dew and AutoMazar are all proven outdoor varieties that have been bred with strong outdoor/greenhouse performance. 


Auto’s will be slowed down if the night temperatures regularly dip below 12ºC, this could add an extra couple of weeks to the grow.  But outdoor growers can’t do anything about the weather conditions.  However if you are growing autos in a greenhouse or a polytunnel the you can add a greenhouse heater which will allow the plants to grow faster.  Its always good to wait until the last frost has gone before you think about putting your cannabis autos outdoors.  Remember, if you live in a cool and cloudy climate, select the three warmest and sunniest summer months to get the best results.

summer blooms


If you are growing in a hot, sunny climate such as the Mediterranean then you may be able to get 2 or even three consecutive auto crops per year.  For some growers this allows them to grow small numbers of autos throughout the year, which allows a steady supply of cannabis from a minimum number of plants.


greenhouse growing is easy


One advantage of autos is the they are easier to hide than a 3 metre tall photoperiod plant.  A few small auto plants between 50-100cm tall are easy to conceal.  And auto’s only live for 3 months, thats half the time you need to keep a taller photoperiod plant hidden.  Many urban auto growers are happy to have a few plants on their roof terrace, window, patio or back garden.  A few cannabis autos are easily hidden behind some ornamental garden plants or vegetables and these days lots of urban growers grow a hidden plant or two outdoors at home.  





And lots of outdoor cannabis growers are now planting a crop of autos in the countryside for a mid summer harvest.  Autos stay short and bushy, they are ideal for hiding in areas of unused urban land near cities.  A couple of autos can grow easily hidden in a patch of nettles.  Unused building ground, land near canals, railways etc can often allow an auto to grow without anyone knowing.  Google Earth is a great way to look for possible grow locations, but you will need to visit them yourself before final approval.


And if you can get out to the countryside you will be spoilt for choice, there are countless places to hide a few autos.  Forests, mountains and woodland are full of places, just look for an area which receives maximum sunlight.  River banks are ideal, and if you grow close to streams/water it makes it easy to get water to your plants in hot weather.  Unused land between farmers fields is also a good place to hide an auto, the land is rarely checked and is usually good quality for growing.  If the soil quality is poor (e.g. too sandy) then simply buy some supermarket soil and dig it in.  


Successful and experienced auto growers work hard to improve soil quality by adding nutrients, manure etc.  This can really improve the structure and aeration of the soil and allow larger harvests.



back yard grow


Determined outdoor growers will often spend hours preparing a grow location in the middle of a large bramble bush.  A hidden grow location which has been created by clearing surrounding scrub can take a long time to create, but will often provide years of use since accidentally discovery is extremely unlikely.  Such hidden grow plots are often accessed by well concealed entrances, sometimes these are accessible only by crawling.


Over a period of several years the determined outdoor grower can find and use numerous local grow plots and successfully grow and auto, or two, in each one.  Its a easy way to grow yourself a steady supply of top quality cannabis.


outdoor grown


Protecting your outdoor crop from animals is usually necessary.  Slugs and snails can be kept away with slug pellets from the garden centre.  Or you can try broken egg shells as a more organic alternative.  And you will need to stop rabbits, goats and deer from eating your cannabis plants.  You can protect your plants with a circular frame made from standard garden wire (‘chicken wire’) and held in position with tent pegs.  


Your autos only need 3 months outdoors before you can harvest them, and will need little care or attention so long as they have reasonable quality moist soil and sun.  Once you have made your first successful outdoor auto grow you will wonder why you left it so long.  Growing autos outdoor is fast, simple and easy.  You can grow autos in the countryside or hide them in your own garden.  All you need is a few seeds from a good quality seed company.


March 18th 2016
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Recent comments (21)

On 21 -06-2016 at 06:19 u 912GreenSkell wrote:
Great intro article for outdoor auto growers!

On 28 -03-2017 at 08:23 u Lance Dutka wrote:
I'm planting autoflowering /feminized plants at a private/gated community up on top of an overlook of :L.A.(Burbank)California, between extremely spiny Yucca cactus & less than 40 yards from H20!!!(Deer & small varmints will be my only threats)If you're ever in Burbank,look up "Wildwood" Canyon(A few thousand yards from the big "B" on the mountain!(you may even see poppies growing in the surrounding hillsides!!!)

On 18 -04-2017 at 06:32 u Mama C wrote:
Thank you, Dutch Masters for the help with my first outdoor auto. I am growing yr cbd compassion lime! I live in sunny Southern Oregon (lucky me!) and am a medical grower.

On 23 -04-2017 at 01:45 u Craig wrote:
I am going to be growing auto think diffarent,auto mazar, auto glueberry og and a few others, id have a little bit of a problem moving them from starting seeds indoors in large finishing pots, i dont want to plant straight into ground as its my first time doing autos or growing outside too. im in central scotland aswell so vry small window with three months good sunshine, what would be best way to start off indoors in smaller pots then into bigger finishing pots without stunting growth, ive thirty to put out so just cannot start in large pots, what about putting them out when one week old? Thanks

On 23 -04-2017 at 16:29 u Pete wrote:
Do they have much odour when growing

On 24 -04-2017 at 08:50 u Eddy wrote:
Craig, 23rd April 2017. In cool, short growing seasons, the following is often good practice. Start the seeds indoors for 2-3 weeks under 24 hour light in smaller pots. Put them out at the start of June in their final pots. Good luck !

On 24 -04-2017 at 08:56 u Eddy wrote:
Pete, 23rd April 2017. Autos tend to have a low small until late bloom. Once the plants are in bloom they do have a stronger smell. Outdoors its not usually an issue if you just have a plant or two

On 28 -05-2017 at 08:53 u Impeach Trump wrote:
what about putting them out when one week old? Thanks ______________________________________________ Craig, they take about 1 week to germinate, and grow slowly up until 3 or 4 weeks depending on strain. They can easily grow in a 16 oz. drink cup (1/2 liter) before you put them out. If you go 4 weeks in that size pot they might not get as big at the end, you might want that anyway and just grow a few more to keep them stealthy.

On 30 -05-2017 at 10:15 u Eddy wrote:
Impeach, 28th May 2017. Yes, you can certainly out them out when a week old, and indeed you can also germinate outdoors. But some growers prefer, where possible, to start them indoors and keep them there for a couple of weeks while they are young and vulnerable

On 13 -06-2017 at 10:23 u Cassey wrote:
hi everyone. I want to grow think diffrent to outside. Can ı start to growing first day of july _? is it too late for growing autoflower or is it ok about the time. July and august are very very hot in our country. I live in east of europe so july and august has a very hot tempreture. By the way these two months are okey for good yield ? (ı mean up to 30 gr per plant ) if you want you can give a some other auto seed advice. my growing cycle should be this ( july , august and until middle of september. ) Most important thing yield should be up to 30 40 gr per plant.

On 14 -06-2017 at 10:22 u Eddy wrote:
Massey, 13th June 2017. Yes, you can plant autos on July 1st. They will be ready to harvest around 90 days later, so if the weather is OK for 90 days from July 1st you are good to go !

On 22 -03-2018 at 22:38 u Robert wrote:
What is the least stinky autoflower plant for outdoors in uk? Thanks

On 23 -03-2018 at 14:23 u Eddy wrote:
Robert, 22nd March 2018. The least smelly auto for outdoor growth is either Auto Duck or Auto Frisian Dew, Both are solid outdoor varieties with great mold and pest resistance. Good luck !

On 24 -03-2018 at 15:32 u David Nida wrote:
My auto were off da hook and tryed to clone several times thow I haven't been successful but once and it was a drof but it was bomb weed to thank

On 11 -04-2018 at 20:51 u Riwaha wrote:
I am in southern california. Can I germinate the seed in the ground where I am planting, and do I need to worry about the extreme heat of summer here

On 16 -04-2018 at 08:38 u Eddy wrote:
Riwaha, 11th April 2018. Yes you can germinate the seeds in the ground, but most people get better germination rates using specialist germination cubes indoors. Cali weather is hot, but cannabis should grow well. Good luck

On 30 -04-2018 at 17:49 u Hockeyfrog wrote:
Hi, I have a few questions for outdoor autos in the So Cal desert. In Cloth pots hopefully starting in a couple weeks. 1: Pot size. 7gal. Cloth( actually 6.5gal) or 5gal ( actually 4.0. The 10gal is 7.5 2: Soil. Do I need to go crazy or just a basic potting mix soil. I was thinking of Promix BX and adding some organic soil and Coco coir. Since I've heard Pro-mix isn't a full soil and the coir to help with the water in the heat. If theirs a cheaper solution I'd like that. I'm disabled and can't work so anything to save $ is well appreciated. 3: night time temps. I've read that flowering plants like it cooler at night. In the desert it does get cooler than the valley where I use to live. This also has to do with #1 pit size. I was wondering if bringing them in at night would help on hot nights ? Also if I had to hide them does moving them hurt since in planters. Obviously I'd be careful not to hurt the plants. So pot size can be an issue and why I'm trying to stay away from 10's if possible. I know some autos would love it. I'm thinking of growing lsd-25, crystal meth, Gorilla glue, C4, Bubba and Sweet Tooth. Hoping See the Tooth takes me back to when we were able to get real Maui Wowie. The taste was so amazing, the buzz was just an added bonus. 4: Strains and timing. For my 2nd grow it will be started in August. Strains are Good Shit, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, LSD-25, Kush, G14 and Stardawg. Is August ok to start outdoors it should be 90-110 degrees. Most heatwaves are 100-110 and last a week. I plan on sprouting in water or a paper towel. Then planting right into the soil. Will have them outside but not in the sunlight till after they sprout. I'm hoping to get a sun screen over them. At least for a week or two. Maybe more if really hot. Sorry for the long post and need help since theirs so much info and all a bit different. Thank you for your time.

On 30 -04-2018 at 17:59 u Hockeyfrog wrote:
Hi, I forgot to ask about fertilizer. What do you recommend for outdoor pots. If my soil has organic ones already or not if that matter ? If I go with Pro-Mix it has Mycorhizae already and have heard they last the whole grow to as short as only two weeks. I was thinking of just using organic. But I also see a lot of others out there that may not be organic. But people swear by. So any thoughts would be great. As for the pot size I asked about. I do realize the bigger the better but more interested in being able to hide them fast. Thanks again for your help.

On 02 -05-2018 at 08:35 u Eddy wrote:
hockey frog, pot size and soil looks great. Many growers leave their autos out at night, so you should be OK. Most autos will take around 3 months from seed to harvest, so planting times will be partly dictated by the required finishing times. As for bloom nutrients, the plants will probably thrive with any solid all round bloom nutrient from your local grow shop. Good luck and remember to try some Dutch Passion seeds ;-)

On 19 -05-2018 at 01:53 u Lost Out wrote:
can i grow my northern lights auto outside right now? im in the central valley so in the next few months it's going to warm up alot

On 21 -05-2018 at 09:31 u Eddy wrote:
LOST OUT, 19th May 2018. Yes, around Late May is a good time to get any autoflower seed growing outdoors in the northern hemisphere. Just ensure a warm sunny location and good luck

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