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Epic AutoMazar Deep-Water-Culture Grow Review


automazar artwork

This weeks Dutch Passion AutoMazar grow diary comes from ‘DWCocha’ who is an indoor grower specialising in deep-water-culture (‘DWC’) which is one of the hydroponic techniques proven to give some of the biggest and best results for the self-sufficient cannabis grower.  In the case of Dutch Passion varieties, DWC is one of the best ways to push the genetics to their full potential.  DWCocha grew a freaky AutoMazar which simply did not know when to stop growing, in the end it was harvested 123 days after germination and yielded around 400g of top quality pot. All the images used in this blog are from the original grow diary which is here.   AutoMazar is one of Dutch Passions best selling automatics and has a reputation for being one of the heaviest yielding auto’s available.

heavy automazar

Above, Dutch Passion original AutoMazar.  Branches bow down at the end of flowering and may require supporting. 


DWCocha used a 20 litre DWC bucket to grow his AutoMazar.  The seedling was germinated in a rockwool cube which was placed in a basket of clay pebbles.  The roots grew down into the 20 litre nutrient reservoir, and as the plant matured the nutrient strength was increased.  At the bottom of the 20 litre DWC bucket was a rubber air diffuser which produces a constant stream of bubbles to oxygenate the roots.  Without the air bubbles the roots would simply rot in the nutrient solution. 

close up of frosty nugget


The most experienced DWC growers will tell you that there are 4 main rules to growing massive cannabis plants

a)      Use a powerful air pump.  In this grow DWCocha used a 30 litre-per-minute air pump which ensured that the root ball grew and filled the 20 litre DWC bucket.  Often DWC kits are sold with smaller, less expensive, 5-10 litre air pumps which are not really capable of delivering the amount of oxygen necessary to push the best plants to their full genetic potential

b)      Check your nutrient concentration, and pH, once or twice each day.  DWC does produce some of the best results you will see, but it also requires a lot of attention from the grower.  The experienced grower knows when nutrient concentration can be increased and by how much.  Many auto growers recommend switching the nutrients from ‘veg’ to ‘bloom’ a week or two after the plants has shown female preflowers. 

c)       Check and calibrate your pH and EC meter regularly.  ‘pH’ is a measure of acidity, many DWC growers prefer to feed their plants at around pH 5.8.  ‘EC’ is a measure of electrical conductivity and is a guide to the nutrient concentration.  Once your meter starts producing inaccurate pH/EC readings it will be your plants that suffer very quickly.  Many growers have a spare EC and pH meter which they can use if their main meter fails.    On this grow the maximum EC was 2.4 and the typical EC was 2.2

d)      Use lots of light!

heavy main bloom

view of the automazar

Above, excellent bud production.  The AutoMazar is shown with a Budweiser can to show the size of the blooms


In the grow DWCocha used Canna nutrients, Rhizotonic, cannazym, Aqua veg/flores and pK13/14 bloom boost.  Additionally Advanced Nutrients were used, sensical grow/bloom, carboload, Big Bud and Overdrive.  The grow took place in a Secret Jardin DS120 indoor tent.  Tents are one of the most convenient ways to grow indoors, and this one was 1.2m wide, 1.2m deep and 1.8m tall and they retail for around €150.  The single AutoMazar grown by DWCocha completely filled the tent!  The main light used in the grow was a Grow Northern MS006, this is the same light which Dutch Passion now sell as the ‘HighLite LED’ as a result of the cooperation with GrowNorthern.

very think main stem

close up buds

Initially the young AutoMazar was grown under a 90w UFO LED.  DWCocha had some problems in the first 2 weeks at the start of the grow and the AutoMazar only just survived.  Despite the early problems the AutoMazar went on to become one of the biggest we have seen.  It will be comforting for other growers to know that great plants can be produced despite problems in the early stages of growth.  The best seedbanks use genetics selected for performance and toughness.

autoMazar before leaf trim

 automazar after leaves removed

Above, AutoMazar before and after the fan leaves were removed.  Harvesting this much pot from a single plant is a home growers dream


The following comments are from DWCocha himself.

“In DWC AutoMazar took a lot of calcium/magnesium, and was over the maximum recommended dose by the finish.  AutoMazar has a really sweet & smooth flavour and smoke. It’s so easy to smoke it's more-ish !  I can't leave it alone but still function fine all day. AutoMazar is a good daytime blaze that makes you smile when you roll ... the bag appeal alone, before you light up screams quality & guarantees no disappointments !”

“The crazy size of this plant is for sure down to the genetics, DWC/LED & perfect EC & pH throughout 90% of the grow.  I’m not an expert grower, but I just got lucky with this one.  I realized the potential & made the effort to keep the AutoMazar in the nutrient sweet spot.  Also her near-death experience at a very young age may have released some crazy monster mutant survival gene or something.  I would definitely grow AutoMazar again & wouldn't change a thing apart from some grower errors along the way!  I would have liked the relative humidity (‘RH’) lower, since 60% RH was typical throughout the grow, soon I will get a dehumidifier”

“What can I say?  Thanks Dutch Passion for creating some amazing weed.  This was my second ever grow, and I got a result I doubt I'll be able to beat.  I still can't quite believe it !  AutoMazar was an absolute pleasure to grow & was well worth the extra grow time given the quality & amount of bud produced! I give Dutch Passion AutoMazar a 10/10 score.  388.1g was the final weight after smoking a fair bit & giving away half an ounce ! ... it would have been over 400g if I had not smoked a load before the final weigh in”


another gorgeous automazar image

Congratulations to DWCocha on a very special grow, growing plants this large is a rare sight.  Although he could have harvested this plant earlier, DWCocha decided to leave the AutoMazar until he felt that she was at the maximum size. 123 days is an unusually long time for an auto to grow, but here the grower was rewarded with an incredibly large harvest. It was a remarkable grow and we hope he manages to grow more massive plants in the future!

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion


November 1st 2013
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On 01 -11-2013 at 12:19 u CGR wrote:
This is a wonderful Job DWCocha very impressive thanks for taking the time to do it ..

On 01 -11-2013 at 13:15 u Duggy wrote:
Awesome Cocha...Mega Mazar

On 01 -11-2013 at 15:45 u Hazy wrote:
Monster fela pure monster.......

On 01 -11-2013 at 17:24 u Insert wrote:
Way to grow Vira!!!

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On 20 -02-2014 at 09:18 u P.dizzle wrote:
holy **** wow im speechless dude im trying to dwc had lost my job due to back injury n funds are n bad lost my house car etc hope i get half as lucky as u great job really bad ass

On 12 -04-2014 at 13:29 u Unit148 wrote:
Great Job !! Lets not forget Autos have come a long way in the last three years or so and new genetics is helping to produce amazing buds and alot of them !!! More bug and mold resistant also. Keep on with the good work..

On 13 -10-2015 at 14:07 u Ogsku wrote:
400 dry?

On 15 -10-2015 at 09:54 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Ogsku, yes 400g dry weight

On 18 -09-2016 at 01:54 u Marcelo wrote:
Do you have the PPM GUIDE from seeding until flush? and the hours of Light and darkness... thank you.

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