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Fake Dutch Passion seeds. How to identify fake Dutch Passion seed packets



Recently Dutch Passion upgraded seed packaging to a high quality, strong metal seed tin.  As well as providing better protection against seed damage, the new metal seed tins are too expensive and difficult for counterfeiters to copy.  Unfortunately there are fake Dutch Passion seeds available online and at festivals etc. Fake seeds can be identified by the low quality packaging.
The new Dutch Passion metal seed time are shown above.  They are 90mm x 87mm with 4-color printing inside and out with a transparent window displaying the contents.
The new metal seed tins were introduced at the end of 2016.  Before that were paper seed packets, many of these are still in circulation but they are gradually being replaced with the new metal tins.  The paper seed packets are shown below.

Promo seeds
Often we have special promotions with varieties from our collection. On some occasions we decide that we are going to deliver our seeds in a different package, this would be our official promoseed package you can see on the image below.

Promo seeds Dutch Passion

Fake Seed packets

Any seeds not packed in the two methods shown are counterfeit.  The only exceptions to this will be our trusted resellers (‘pick and mix’ resellers) who sometimes re-pack seeds, these companies can be found here  on the right of the page you can select the country.  

Fake Dutch Passion seeds are often re-sold on eBay, or in different types of low grade packaging.  Some of these are shown below.  Please buy your seeds direct from our website  or any of our approved re-sellers for maximum security.  Fake seeds are always low quality, and in many cases will not germinate at all.  They are simply not worth buying or growing.
Fake Dutch Passion seeds below



Fake Amnesia Seeds




 Fake seeds found in Morocco

March 13th 2017

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