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Forest Dream, Frisian Dew, Frisian Duck and AutoMazar outdoor grow review


This weeks outdoor cannabis grow review comes from ‘Maff’ who has a secret grow location high in the Welsh hills where he grows a few cannabis plants for is own use.  In 2015 he grew Forest Dream, Frisian Dew and AutoMazar outdoor during a cold, wet, windy and cloudy summer.  The original grow review is here, and you may also be interested to see Maff’s 2014 cannabis guerrilla grow (Frisian Dew & Durban Poison).

 The plants were grown from May to October in large grow bags, 50 litre for the photoperiod plants with Mycorrhiza beneficial fungi.  Bio Bizz Bloom, and Top-Max nutrients were added along with some seaweed extract to aid veg growth.  

 The tough outdoor conditions in the Welsh hills in 2015 were only just good enough for these tough varieties to perform, conditions were bad with August one of the wettest on record.  However, a mild September and early October allowed a successful harvest.

 The following words and pictures are from ‘Maff’.



Frisian Dew


“The biggest challenge was the location and weather, the surrounding vegetation has got higher and the surrounding hilltop trees have also grown.   This means even less sun is available through autumn and I think this contributed to increased mould and smaller buds. This particular grow spot is finished,  I saw 2 police cars nearby in October and I’ve never seen one car in the last 5 years so thats not good.”


“Tips for future growers ? Just do it. If you think its possible just get a 3 gallon pot and put a Frisian Dew in it and see what happens. Don’t feed it and see what it looks like at the start of October. If its smokable and you enjoy it then next year make an effort with the soil, container and fertiliser and it could be the start of self sufficiency.”


“AutoMazar is so enjoyable to smoke, streets ahead of anything else I’ve grown outdoor so far. The jar I popped on New Years day was so aromatic and perfumed, just perfect with a relaxing hit too, if you haven’t grown AutoMazar you are missing out !  I had a sneaky little bong of the Forest Dream from some premature samples and it was sweet and rushy. The Frisian Duck doesn’t smell or taste of much but gets you stoned !”


“Organic sun grown goodness for another year, thank you Dutch Passion for the great genetics. And a big middle finger to all the £10 a gram dealers out there - everyone should be doing this for their own stash - keeps you fit, connects you to nature which is therapeutic, keeps your cash in your local economy and best of all gives you that extra self satisfaction stone we all enjoy !”


Frisian Duck 


“Frisian Duck

She was in the least sunny spot for flowering and I only discovered this in September when the sun dropped lower in the sky so couldn’t do anything about it. If you have a garden or a good sea level guerrilla spot Frisian Duck will be fine. She doesn’t have a typical plant structure or leaf shape so really is stealthy, mine didn’t smell either but she was cut early. Frisian Duck doesn’t taste of much but isn’t harsh or un-pleasurable but you know its outdoors ! She doesn’t smell or taste of much but gets you stoned !”


Frisian DewFrisian Dew

Frisian Dew 

“Frisian Dew

This was not a good year for the purple and lilac phenotypes as they got mold and were chopped early. The plants got to decent heights but the ground was so wet from Augusts rain that mould was rampant in September. The green Frisian Dew Phenotype on the other hand was loving it and although slow to start flowering really bloomed through October and is the first fully mature green pheno I’ve done as the smell and taste are much different and the hit stronger too. She looked about 8 ft high (3 metres) and only had a couple of minor mould issues.  The purple and lilac phenotypes have the quick indica hit as usual.  But the green phenotype is really heavy almost narcotic for an hour or longer - you ain’t doing anything ! Then you’ve got a few hours of quite creative stoneyness afterwards.”



Forest Dream 

“Forest Dream

The 2 girls where grown in 3 gallon buckets, one was half eaten and ended up about 4 ft high but the other was well over 7 ft with decent buds and no mould. Not much buds on them at the end of sept so they benefited from the early October sun.  Forest Dream has a nice rushy up high at first its like you’ve been thrown in the air and then you land in stoned land ! Relaxing kind buzz from the waist up and lasts well over an hour. Very enjoyable and sociable even, nice and giggly a good contrast to the Frisians.”

Forest Dream**


Congratulations on a difficult guerrilla grow, above latitude 50, and well above sea level in the Welsh hills.  If Maff can produce quality home-grown cannabis in these border-line conditions then perhaps you can find an outdoor location to grow your own cannabis.  AutoFems will give you an early summer harvest in July/August.  Frisian Duck will allow you a stealth harvest unlike any other outdoor variety and be ready at the start of October.  And traditional photoperiods like Frisian Dew and Forest Dream will also grow from May to the start of October.

February 12th 2016
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Recent comments (10)

On 13 -02-2016 at 09:27 u Papanikolopoulos sofianos wrote:
nice try to grow in this conditions.In places like where i leave(mediteranian sea level) everything is easier except the police who wants to arrest everyone who grow canabis.

On 14 -03-2016 at 20:56 u Thebaldone wrote:
Great looking outdoor grow looks like did a great job ,as I no Wales weather isn't always great,I want to try a outdoor grow in ,Norfolk,east of England ...anybody got any suggestions on what strain I should go for ? Cheers

On 22 -05-2016 at 23:57 u Darren hewer wrote:
Ive had good success with hollands hope outdoor in cumbria u.k.this year im tying purple#1 outdoor and auto mazar,dutch passion auto mazar is awesome had really good results indoors.

On 23 -05-2016 at 16:01 u Irishgirl wrote:
Hi all, great 2 see & read grower from the UK & Ireland on here as everywhere I look for grow info it's all USA & sunny climates. I'm a newbie & just started gorilla grow. Any recommendations on nutritions? Something good but easy to follow. I have my weed in 10ltr empty paint buckets as budget low

On 23 -05-2016 at 16:19 u Eddy wrote:
Irishgirl, 23rd May 2016. a general purpose bloom nutrient from your local garden centre/grow shop would be the icing on the cake :-)

On 19 -08-2016 at 10:42 u Greensleaves wrote:
Irish girl and who ever. Use pallets they give of their nutricion graduatly in a few months usually 3 months. Use general for vegetation state and for flowering use special tomato nutrition as it is higher on the P and K. And ofcourse by using pallets they get nutrition when it rains there or i use them too. And the artikal nice job Wales looks allmost as bad as netherlands to grow outside. My fresian dews are about 3,5 meter and i saw the first flowers on the 10 of august. I never grow anything else i ve tried them all but hardly any one did what they prommised. Harvest 1 week october NOT. no mols Yes. But fresian dew is all they say.

On 19 -10-2016 at 00:31 u Tyr wrote:
I live in Hawaii. What is the best plant to grow out here. Sometimes very wet sometimes no water for weeks and very dry. I want to know which is best for a gorilla grow I won't be able to visit the plants but once every two or three weeks.?

On 03 -11-2016 at 14:34 u Tim wrote:
Do you know ratio of CBD to THC in Frisian Dew?

On 04 -11-2016 at 09:15 u Eddy wrote:
Tim, 3rd November 2016. THC is often around 15%. CBD is usually below 0.5%, its not a CBD-rich variety. But it is one of our most reliable outdoor varieties.

On 14 -03-2017 at 18:40 u Nick GR. wrote:
well done.impressive according to your condisions and latitude.down here i can say sometimes we are o.k about weather conditions until start of october,greece.if you have an out door spot or living in a small town and you are lucky to have a balcony as you need to be then all is with you!but i like you have succed up there you can catch the max purple coulors of the strains.....!happy growing,the time for this year aproaching very fast....just a few days...depending on weather....!!!

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