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‘Freddy’s Best’ – New strain announcement for 2012


Freddy’s Best is the final strain from Freddy, one of Dutch Passions original ‘Masters At Work’ who has made a supreme contribution to modern cannabis scene with the strains he has created such as Mazar, Blueberry, Passion #1, Orange Bud and Strawberry Cough. Freddy’s final strain, which we named ‘Freddy’s Best’ in his honour, has been in the pipeline for some time. It is a measure of Freddy’s constant quest for cannabis perfection that he would not release this last strain until he was absolutely satisfied with every aspect of this, his final breeding project before, he retired.

Freddy’s Best is a 3-way cross between Chocolope, Dutch Haze and an un-named but top class sativa. The result is a tall-growing, mostly sativa variety with a beautiful Haziness to it. It is a thoroughbred strain that will delight the most demanding growers. This is a traditional feminized strain, not an AutoFem.

Dutch Haze is a very special Haze which was found only after growing literally hundreds of Haze plants from seed. She was a keeper, a cherished Haze that flowers with good levels of production in only 10 weeks or so; much earlier than normal Haze but without compromising the quality ‘high’. Chocolope is also a generous yielding, mainly sativa hybrid of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Freddy wanted to complement these two strains with a top quality additional one. Using the Dutch Passion 30 year old genebank he carefully selected an un-named and un-commercialised sativa noted for the luxurious connoisseur stone. The 3 varieties were carefully blended together by Freddy using all his experience and know-how. The resulting strain took time to perfect, but once Freddy was happy then ‘Freddy’s Best’ was ready. Freddy was satisfied that he had met the 4 specific targets he had originally set for this strain which were the taste, appearance, high and yield.

With decades of experience Freddy combines expert botanical insight with veteran technical skills to create legacy strains that are still around decades after they were first released. So when Freddy says this new strain is extremely special he knows what he is talking about and here at Dutch Passion we always believe him.

And what a beauty ‘Freddy’s Best’ is, supplying large numbers of well sized round, dense nuggets. Intoxicatingly rich and lavish smells combine with a resinous appearance. To the experienced stoner that knows and enjoys good quality marijuana this is quite extravagant stash that you can’t wait to light up. The unique aromas and delicious flavours make this variety an exotic delight and a must for the connoisseur. Raw earthy scents with hints of cocoa. Yet this is also fruity sweet and it finishes with a fresh spicy taste on top. Yes sir, this is exquisite weed and there is plenty of it since this is a good yielder. A quality sativa strain with a decadent, sweetly balanced Haze experience. How could we not love her?

A small amount of this weed goes a long way and the high lasts a long time. We predict Freddy’s Best will become just as legendary as his other strains. Our team of smoke testers raved about this one, boy were they happy to give this a very special thumbs up. They were so happy they took the test bag away with them and kept it. Freddy’s Best gives a pleasant clear and long lasting high and can be grown indoors and in a greenhouse. Freddy’s Best goes on sale in 2012 and comes to you with our highest possible recommendations. We can’t wait for the feedback.

Dutch Passion wish Freddy all the best in life outside the greenhouse and thank him for his incredible contribution, we will miss him but thank him for the amazing strains he gave to us and to you. His legacy is the millions of plants grown all around the world from the strains he created. Freddy’s Best now joins that list. If you have enjoyed any of Freddy’s other strains then you can be confident that his last variety will also be pure excellence. Freddy’s Best, the end result of a lifetime of cannabis breeding from the man that also gave you Mazar, Blueberry, Passion #1, Orange Bud and Strawberry Cough.. We know you will love her.

Dutch Joe
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December 2nd 2011


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Recent comments (3)

On 11 -04-2012 at 18:41 u Pex wrote:
mazar is the 1. heavy stone cont w8t to try the best

On 07 -08-2012 at 15:05 u Freddys little helpers wrote:
Got six of these freddys on the go in 20L pots, just put them in to flower after 6 week veg and the bad girls are huge!! Cant wait for the smoke!

On 14 -10-2012 at 14:13 u Scottish lungfull wrote:
got 2x strawberry and 2x best on flowering and 1xstrawberry mother on the go, Ive been mainly doing northern lights purple haze crosses before this and cant wait to try the best hats off to you freddy you are a legend.......

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