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Frisian Dew and Durban Poison outdoor grow in Wales


Growing your own cannabis outdoors has never been as easy with proven modern outdoor cannabis genetics.  This weeks grow comes from ‘Maffro’ and features pictures of his 2014 grow of Dutch Passion Frisian Dew and Durban Poison.  Frisian Dew and Durban Poison are two proven outdoor champions, both have been grown extensively for many years and are capable of delivering consistent harvests even in Northern Europe.



Maffro grew his Frisian Dew and Durban Poison in the Welsh Hills during a wet and cloudy 2014 summer.  The plants were started around April and harvested at the start of October, Maffro commented that the summer had very little sun.  Frisian Dew is Dutch Passions best selling outdoor variety, its a hybrid of a Super Skunk female and a special early flowering Purple Star male.  The Frisian Dew selection process occurred in Holland over several years, with the earliest, most mould resistant and best plants being selectively crossed.  The outdoor breeding process has allowed Frisian Dew to become one of Dutch Passions best ever outdoor varieties and many customers grow her each year, this is a variety which needs no maintenance in an outdoor environment.  She can reach 3-4 metres tall in good conditions and yield over 1Kg.  Frisian Dew also grows extremely well in a greenhouse producing large harvests and good quality cannabis, with plenty of repeat growers this became our outdoor best seller for very good reasons.  The original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network.


Durban Poison is a mainly-sativa South African variety.  Like Frisian Dew she can grow well indoors, but lots of customers grow Durban Poison because she is a tough outdoor variety that finishes in early October.  In the Southern hemisphere both Frisian Dew and Durban Poison finish in early April.  Durban Poison is a strong variety with a long lasting high and yields which are above average, outdoors she is tough enough to survive with no maintenance and has thousands of repeat outdoor growers each year.





“The Durban Poison smell, taste and stone are unique to me and I've been smoking for 25 years or so.  When I read taste descriptions of aniseed i really wanted to give it a go as i cant say i could describe any weed or hash I've tasted before as tasting like aniseed”


“Its true and its lovely, the buds are a bit airy and I'm not so sure if they would have been as good without the amazing September we had but I've got a litre jar packed from the two plants. So there you have it self sufficiency achieved again thanks to Dutch Passion.”


The Frisian Dew provided lots of buds for Maffro who explains about the two different versions (or “phenotypes’, the purple and the green phenotype).  “The green Frisian Dew phenotype has less smell and flavour but more knockout stone.   The purple Frisian Dew phenotype excels with smells and flavour but has a hazier stone.  The green phenotype is more of a skunky product all round and is certainly helping the arthritis.  The two purple Frisian Dew phenos were the best yielding plants”




Congratulations to Maffro for being a self sufficient cannabis grower in the mountains of Wales, where the conditions and climate can be a lot tougher than most grow locations.  These conditions are a long way from the ideal temperatures and sun that cannabis normally demands, and summers can be restricted to just a few weeks of warm weather.  Cloud, rather than sun, is normal.  But despite the climatic limitations Maffro was able to use Frisian Dew and Durban Poison to grow a good quality annual harvest from some good sized plants.  

If you are thinking of growing yourself a few outdoor cannabis plants then take a look at Frisian Dew and Durban Poison.  They will grow in the toughest of climates and are happy to be left on their own. If you haven’t grown outdoors before then please take a look at our blog to show you how to grow cannabis outdoors easily.




August 21st 2015
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On 25 -09-2015 at 18:50 u Ady Rainbow wrote:
Tidy boyo, coming from Aberystwyth orig' I know exactly how much Sun you never got, cracking effort, can't fault it see!

On 18 -11-2015 at 15:45 u William Smith wrote:
Brilliant! Well done to both the grower and the breeder. UK consumers have a fairly easy way to be self sufficient thanks to seed banks like Dutch Passion-whose varieties work.

On 17 -01-2016 at 16:07 u Adamitó wrote:
Nice work, if you are use a FIM and planted into the ground should you even better result

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