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Frisian Duck - Plant Of The Year 2016 award from Soft Secrets Spain



Amsterdam.  Dutch Passion are pleased to receive the ‘Outdoor Plant Of The Year’ award from Soft Secrets Spain.  The award is in recognition of the complicated breeding program which allowed Dutch Passion to stabilise a natural leaf deformity which makes Frisian Duck unrecognisable as cannabis.  Frisian Duck is the first cannabis variety with webbed leaves which can be grown outdoors in northern European-style climates with natural stealth camouflage.  It has become one of Dutch Passion fastest selling outdoor varieties.
Soft Secrets explained more about the award,  “Frisian Duck represents its breeders, Dutch Passion, very well.  Its not a variety simply purchased in Spain and repacked, its of independent breeding.  Crossing the Ducksfoot with Frisian Dew gave it high psychoactivity, reduced flowering time and made it suitable for outdoor growing in all climates.  The perfect plant”
May 13th 2016


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On 31 -10-2016 at 18:05 u Charles R Pikcunas wrote:
Congratulations to Dutch Passion on being recognized for this achievement.

On 22 -09-2018 at 03:07 u Don Capalchey wrote:
Y’all should offer more in depth info on your strains. Each one should have stats on terpenes and cbd/THC an give personalized in depth summary videos of each strain.. I want to know more about my medicine!

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