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Growing cannabis. How to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors




Growing cannabis has never been easier thanks to the wide choice of online cannabis seeds, specialist grow shops and numerous online grow tutorials showing how to grow cannabis.  Cannabis has never been as widely available as it is today.  Whether you are in Europe, North America, South America or elsewhere an increasing number of people are able to buy cannabis from a dispensary, cannabis social club or coffee shop.  But good quality cannabis is normally expensive, whether bought legally or illegally it is often around $15 / €15 / £10 per gram.  So growing your own cannabis can save you a lot of cash, and if you grow from good quality seeds you should be able to get top quality cannabis by following just a few basic rules.


If you have never grow before keep it simple.  You will face a huge number of choices in everything from growing techniques to seeds to plant nutrients.  Keep it as simple as you can.  




Indoor cannabis growing.

A simple way to start is with a high THC autoflowering variety which is robust enough for a first time grower such as AutoMazarAutoWhite Widow or Think Different.  You simply can’t grow good quality cannabis from poor genetics so choose seeds that you can rely on.  Get a large, e.g.  20 litre container and fill it with soil from your local grow store.  Germinate the cannabis seed, this guide explains how.   Put the plant in a grow room under a light.  The plant will need watering as little as once a week to begin with, most new growers overwater and overfeed their plants, so resist the temptation.  Larger lights generally produce larger yields, but will cost more to run and will need to be kept a further distance from the plants to avoid burning them.  Carbon filters are essential to remove cannabis odours, don't think of growing without one.  Run the lights for 20 hours each day with 4 hours of darkness.  With a large initial container of soil, e.g. 20 litres the plants will not need any supplemental nutrients until the last 4-5  weeks, we recommend you get a general purpose bloom nutrient from your local grow store. The plants are usually ready to harvest around 75 days after germination.   


More detailed tips and techniques for indoor cannabis growing are here.


Outdoor cannabis growing.

An easy way to grow weed outdoors is to use an autoflowering variety such as AutoFrisian Dew, AutoMazar or AutoDurban Poison.  These usually grow from seed to harvest in around 80-90 days outdoors.  Autoflowering varieties are quick and easy, they usually stay around (or below) 1 metre tall.  They are often germinated and grown indoors under artificial light for 2-3 weeks to give them a good start.  They can be planted outdoors during spring/early summer.  Improve the soil by digging it over and adding organic fertiliser if necessary.  Many outdoor growers carefully select a location which will not be accidentally discovered and gets plenty of direct sunlight.  Plants are often harvested in mid/late summer and in optimum conditions they produce well over 100g go high-THC buds per plant.  Growing in a greenhouse gives the plant additional protection.



More detailed tips for growing cannabis, including photoperiod varieties outdoors is here.  Greenhouse growers should look at this guide.


Even with no experience many first time cannabis growers manage to grow plenty of top quality cannabis.  Its far easier than most people imagine.  It all starts with a seed, choose the best you can.  And good luck!


September 30th 2016
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