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GW Pharmaceuticals clinical trials indicate CBD helps Schizophrenia



UK. GW Pharmaceuticals clinical trials indicate CBD helps schizophrenia

GW Pharmaceuticals are probably best known for their Sativex medical cannabis oral spray, a whole-plant extract containing THC and CBD which is licensed for use in Multiple Sclerosis.  GW Pharmaceuticals have announced some significant mid-trial success for a CBD-dominant medicine when it was given to a group of Schizophrenia patients.  The detailed findings were not released at this stage of the trials, though they will be later.  GW said that cannabidiol (CBD) consistently outperformed the placebo, and that the proportion of responders was also higher in the active treatment group.  This all suggests that CBD has future uses for treatment of Schizophrenia patients assuming that future medical trials continue to show good results.  

Whats more CBD, according to GW Pharma,  also showed a very safe profile regarding side effects, something which is particularly welcome in mental-health medicine where some medicines can sometimes have serious side effects. 


September 17th 2015

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Recent comments (5)

On 17 -09-2015 at 12:54 u Shanard wrote:
I got that disease how does the drug work

On 17 -09-2015 at 13:08 u STEFANIA DE MARIA wrote:

On 17 -09-2015 at 14:43 u Myles wrote:
Hey Shanard. I guess i'd also be managing some symptoms of schizophrenia too. This documentary will answer some questions for you. Don't confuse CBD with marijuana, it is a major component of some strains as THC you probs have heard of. THC makes you high, CBD doesn't but effects the experience I believe it's important. All the best mate :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO2Bej4tZtM

On 17 -09-2015 at 16:58 u Sandee Hughes wrote:
I have my license. Been battling inflammation have a right side trimmer that is not Parkinson's disease. But I can't find the right cannabis to help me with this! Taking a western medicine for Parkinson's but I get all the side effects tired hiccups stomach distress, anxiety, confusion, forgetfulness, concentration. And I can't relax. Any suggestions that would help all this??

On 17 -09-2015 at 23:38 u Elizabeth wrote:
Love it an I want some!!!!

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