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Holland. Amsterdam Cannabis Social Club. Large scale recreational, non-profit cannabis cultivation



The Amsterdam ‘Tree Of Life’ Cannabis Social Club is almost ready to start up.  Readers will remember updates from 2014 and 2016. The leaders of the Amsterdam CSC continue to make professional preparations for the club and have issued a newsletter informing that they have almost begun operations.  The premises for growing have been identified, and a policy of one plant per member should allow the Amsterdam Cannabis Social Club to grow hundreds of plants in a large, professional grow operation.  
The next stage is to get exemption from the Dutch Drug Law.  Here The Amsterdam CSC has the support of the Amsterdam Mayor, who is also head of the Amsterdam Police.  After many meetings and discussions, the Amsterdam CSC has persuaded city officials that it is better to make large-scale recreational cannabis production transparent and profit-free rather than simply leave it to the black market where the profits will fund other back market activities.  
The Amsterdam CSC will soon be producing large quantities of recreational cannabis for hundreds of members in a non-profit system approved by the authorities.  The CSC is also appealing for donations to help cover the costs of the project.  You can donate here.  The Amsterdam CSC are pioneering one of Europe’s largest ever recreational cannabis cultivations, it will become a model for responsible European cannabis production.  The focus will be quality and purity of the crop, making it certifiably free of contaminants and pesticides.  The Amsterdam CSC will also act as a research centre, looking at ways to improve cultivation, and it will only sell cannabis to approved adult members.
January 13th 2017

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