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Holland. Dutch Passion Auto Duck to be released in January 2017



Dutch Passion are please to announce their Auto Duck® variety will be available from January 2017.  It is an autoflowering version of the Frisian Duck stealth photoperiod variety.  Frisian Duck and Auto Duck® both have a stabilised natural leaf deformity.  This means that the plants do not look like traditional cannabis.   Without the distinctive traditional cannabis leaf shape it is difficult to identify Auto Duck® as cannabis.  This makes Auto Duck® a popular and safe plant for urban outdoor growing or greenhouse cultivation.  Smoke quality is strong and harvest quantities are above average. The plants tend to be around, or just under, 1 metre in hight.
Auto Duck® was created by crossing Frisian Duck with AutoWhite Widow, giving the outdoor performance of Frisian Duck as well as a top strength smoke.
The variety grows well indoors or outdoors.  Indoors she takes around 75 days from seed to harvest.  Outdoors she can take 80-90 days.  Auto Duck® seeds are feminized autoflowering and will be available in packs of 3-seeds and 7-seeds.  
October 20th 2016

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Recent comments (5)

On 31 -10-2016 at 17:56 u Charles R Pikcunas wrote:
I'm excited about an auto with Ducksfoot genetics, but doesn't introducing White Widow Auto just further dilute the gene pool. Ducksfoot is an important link to the South Pacific landraces and needs to be line bred not hybridized. If an auto is desired, crossing with a straight Ruderalis might be preferable. Regardless, put me down for fifty (50) of them upon release.

On 01 -11-2016 at 09:12 u Eddy wrote:
Charles, 31st Oct '16. Good comments. But we have been careful to work with the genetics to maximise potency whilst retaining the webbed leaf shape. We will probably be playing with the 'duck' genetics for many years looking at various ways to make something interesting for the home grower. All the best from Dutch Passion !

On 23 -12-2016 at 03:09 u Mcruderalis wrote:
I would have guess a cross with auto Frisian Dew.since the F.Duck was from it.You don't ship to the USA so which other seed co.gets it.Herbies? Seed Supreme? Seedsman?Gorilla?Bonza?Original Sensible Seed Co. If you can't talk blink twice if I'm getting close ;) I NEED THOSE SEEDS.I really really(did I mention really)liked the Frisian Duck. P.S.Speaking of Frisian Duck,I think I've bought them all out,could you grow more!!!

On 24 -12-2016 at 08:26 u Eddy wrote:
mcruderalis. please check out Herbies or Attitude, they ship to the USA :-)

On 28 -09-2017 at 10:35 u Chadok wrote:
Hi Any new "duck" strain for 2018 ? Peace

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