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Holland. Dutch Passion star in Dutch TV show called Hollands Hope


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The Dutch national TV channel NPO 2 has produced a drama series called Hollands Hope about a family going into the cannabis business. Its already quite a popular show and the most recent episode was called “Dutch Passion”.  The title of the series “Hollands Hope” (Hollands Hoop in Dutch) is one of Dutch Passions legendary outdoor indica varieties with a notably strong smoke and a cult following of repeat growers.  You can see the episode here

In the series the family inherit a farm with the name Hollands Hope (Hoop), in the fields there is a plantation of our celebrated Hollands Hope growing outdoors.   
This series has similarities to ‘Breaking Bad’, and follow the families adventures in their new farm. 
In the most recent episode one character made the following comments when buying some weed: "These are some nice buds, especially for outdoor grow, what is it? Hollands Hope. Hollands Hope, Dutch Passion, Nice.”
It’s not the first time Dutch Passion have been featured on TV, our Strawberry Cough variety got a special mention by Michael Caine in the Hollywood hit ‘Children of Men’
October 23rd 2014


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