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Holland. Dutch politicians give permission for commercial cannabis growing



The politicians in the Dutch Parliament today voted to go ahead with controversial new plans to allow large scale commercial cannabis growing for the first time.  The large scale growing will allow coffee shops to buy cannabis from a regulated system rather than the current black market arrangements.  Although cannabis growing will remain technically illegal, special licenses will be granted by the Minister of Health for the large scale grow operations.  So long as the growers stay within the restrictions of their grow license then they will be free from prosecution.  
The new law was proposed by the D66 party and supported by a range of politicians who wanted to end the black-market system and replace it with improved transparency and regulation.  The Dutch senate still needs to approve the law.  Dutch elections on the 15th of March will probably result in a coalition government which will need to discuss and negotiate the future for this law.  If fully implemented in the future it will be a very clear signal from the Dutch Government that they want to take the issue of cannabis supply seriously and professionally, removing the criminal element completely from the supply chain.
February 21st 2017

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On 21 -02-2017 at 21:10 u Diederik wrote:
Weg met de illegaliteit! Zo goed, niet alleen, maar vooral toch voor diegenen voor wie dat om medische redenen noodzakelijk is. Mooi lobbywerk!

On 22 -02-2017 at 16:08 u Peter smith wrote:
Just what I read from It was a close fight with 72 against 77 votes. Legal high!

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