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Holland. Landmark legal victory as Doede de Jong walks free from court with no punishment for growing cannabis


Doede de Jong


Respected cannabis campaigner Doede de Jong is celebrating his freedom after a Dutch Court has ruled he can walk free with no punishment after being prosecuted for growing cannabis.  
Prosecutors argued that Doede had supplied a coffeeshop with his outdoor grown cannabis and that over 200 cannabis plants were found.  In mitigation it was argued that the plants were supplied to a regulated and taxed coffeeshop, and not all the plants were in full bloom, many were small seedlings and yet to start flowering.  The Court also ruled that Doede had not stolen electricity to grow the plants, and that he had grown them naturally in sunlight and had not mixed with the criminal underworld.
Its an important ruling for future cases where the grower is producing cannabis for regulated sale.  Eventually The Netherlands will have to create a regulated system which allows for large scale production of medical and recreational cannabis, currently it is in a legal ‘grey zone’ as a result of political indecision.  Doedes case is a landmark ruling which will affect future prosecutions.  
November 2nd 2015

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Recent comments (6)

On 22 -09-2016 at 06:55 u Greg-USA wrote:
Just saw Doede pleading his case in front of the high court on VICE tv program Weediquette. Nice to see that the case worked out in favor of Mr. De Jong.

On 06 -10-2016 at 08:47 u Rafael k wrote:
Congrats ;)

On 26 -11-2016 at 18:55 u Charles - England wrote:
Also saw Doede de Jong plead his case on the VICE Weediquette tv programme. Fantastic speech delivered with such dignity. The judges seemed to be nodding in agreement as he spoke. The tv show did not conclude by saying what happened to Mr de Jong so I Googled it. So pleased for Doede. If he had to pay the 233,000 Euro fine he would have lost his lovely home that he had cherished and built up over 45 years. Power to the people. Thank you also to the Dutch legal system for seeing sense.

On 08 -01-2017 at 00:13 u Cameron wrote:
More power to you. we\'re getting there come on aussie. im lighting up now.

On 25 -04-2017 at 00:50 u Big Mike wrote:
I also saw Doede on the programme Weediquette on Vice just now and wondered of his plight. It's a shame the show didn't conclude with this wonderful news. Doede seems like a fantastic man, living the dream in his beautiful home and is surrounded by love & respect. My warmest thoughts go to Doede and his family and I congratulate him on his landmark successes. I am UK based but I dream that one day the UK will relax laws and that I can live as Doede does, growing and farming a medicinal herb for health & therapeutic recreation for those of us that exercise our spiritual right to do so. Peace Doede De Jong.

On 15 -04-2018 at 20:33 u Sean wrote:
Very happy this true gentle man won his appeal. Would love to find out which shops sell his produce.

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