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Holland. Public opinion firmly in favour of full cannabis legalisation




A recent opinion poll in Holland showed a staggering 70% of people are now firmly in favour of a complete overhaul of Dutch cannabis laws and want to see a regulated system for the supply of cannabis.  Currently possession of small amounts of cannabis are tolerated, and the famous Dutch Coffee shops allow people to buy small amounts of cannabis for personal medical or recreational use.  But the supply of cannabis to coffee shops remains completely illegal.  The survey by Motivaction also showed that 61% want to see a system of permits introduced for controlled production of cannabis.
The survey shows that the Dutch politicians remain significantly behind Dutch public opinion, most people believe that Police time, money and resources are simply wasted on cannabis ‘crimes’.  Perhaps surprisingly to some people, many of the right-wing voters are also now strongly in favour of modernising and improving Dutch cannabis laws.  70% of voters of the VVD party (party of current Prime Minister Mark Rutte) want to see new laws and even 51% of the very conservative protestant-Christian ‘ChristenUnie’ party would prefer to see a fully regulated cannabis market.
57% of the Dutch public are in favour of legalizing the right to grow 5 plants for personal use.
This news should provide a wake-up call to Dutch politicians who have seen the USA adopt a pragmatic and sensible system of cannabis regulation which allows for a safe, transparent and responsible supply chain.  This would remove the cannabis industry from criminal hands and provide large savings to the Police and Judicial system. The Dutch House of Representatives will soon be debating regulated cannabis production.  Experience in the USA has shown that this improves the quality and purity of the cannabis, something which is important to everyone especially the medical users who would benefit from greater choice of different cannabis varieties.
June 11th 2015

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