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Holland. Triple Highlife Cup Success For Dutch Passion


Mazar - cup winner

Dutch Passion were proud recipients of 3 Cannabis Cup awards at the recent Highlife Cup.  
Mazar.  Highlife Cup ‘Plant Of The Year’.  The Highlife Cup from Soft Secrets is awarded to our old customer favourite.  Mazar dates back to the 1980’s, she is an incredibly powerful Afghani Indica, the original which in many eyes can’t be beaten.  After many years of sales this is a totally stabilised variety, sweet, rich and extremely strong.  This variety is available in regular, feminized or automatic seeds.
ComPassion.  1st Prize in the Highlife Medical section.  This is a great achievement for our 2:1 CBD:THC variety in it’s first year.  ComPassion is popular with medical users as well as some recreational growers.  This variety is a popular choice with those seeking a strong and heavy CBD rich variety.  ComPassion is useful for those needing CBD to help relieve pain and/or anxiety
AutoFrisian Dew.  3rd place in the AutoFlower section.  AutoFrisian has been a popular choice with indoor and outdoor growers.  Very strong and on the same potency level as top traditional varieties.  
ComPassion cup
AutoFrisian cup
July 17th 2013


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On 11 -09-2016 at 02:11 u Rodney Bryan wrote:
I would like someone to please contact me I have question about specific instructions on certain strains. I've read several reviews and a lot say theirs didn't reach maximum capacity and reason was the Dutch Passion instructions weren't followed.

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