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Holland. VOC organisation increases pressure to reform cannabis laws


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Holland.  The VOC organisation has been one of the Netherlands most vocal cannabis campaign groups over recent years, their mission has been to abolish the prohibition of cannabis.  The VOC has worked hard to improve and reform cannabis laws, they have met with politicians and lobbied for reviews of Dutch Cannabis laws.  The VOC have had a strong educational role, producing numerous brochures and pro-cannabis events over many years.  The VOC are now stepping up their campaign, there is more momentum and appetite for change than at any point in the last generation.  The events in Colorado, Uruguay and elsewhere mean that this is a key moment for organisations like the VOC to really make a big impact.

The VOC's next campaign is a high profile poster event inspired by VOC leader Doede De Jong , the campaign appeals for more logic in the Dutch cannabis laws.  It will feature well known Dutch people, the campaign should attract a lot of attention in the mainstream Dutch media especially now that the USA is showing how effective it is to reform cannabis prohibition and replace it with sensible regulations which will reduce criminal involvement in the cannabis business.

Financial donations to the VOC can be made on the link below, and donations will probably be more effective now than ever,





January 9th 2014

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