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How to grow Blue Auto Mazar and Auto Blackberry Kush autoflower seeds indoors


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How to grow Blue Auto Mazar and Auto Blackberry Kush autoflower seeds indoors


In this weeks customer grow review ‘Scally’ grew Blue Auto Mazar and Auto Blackberry Kush indoors under HPS lights in air pot containers of soil/perlite. He produced a top quality harvest, the Auto Blackberry Kush showing a beautiful display of blue/purple color on the buds. The original grow diary is here on the autoflower network.

The autoflower seeds were germinated and grown in air pots of compost with added perlite. Many autoflower growers prefer to grow the plant from seed to harvest in the same container in which the seeds were germinated in. This minimizes the time lost due to transplanting into larger containers. Autoflowering cannabis varieties usually only have around 75 days of life, so many of the experienced growers prefer the plant to use that time to grow rather than adapting to new containers.

The air pot containers are an extremely popular way for home growers to produce their own cannabis, and many Dutch Passion seed growers get great results thanks to the numerous air holes around the sides which allow the root mass to get more oxygen. It also makes over-watering less damaging, over-watering is one of the most common errors from less experienced growers.


Get quick results with Auto Blackberry Kush cannabis seeds


Auto Blackberry Kush grew quickly, this variety sometimes produces phenotypes which can be ready to harvest as early as 60-65 days after germination, though 75 days is more Image of a Auto Blueberry Kush budnormal. As the images show, the Auto Blackberry Kush produced blooms with an appealing rich blue/purple color. Not all the plants show this, but many do, and it produces unbeatable bag appeal. As well as the gorgeous coloration, this variety produces a mouthwatering fruity/diesel aroma with a taste of dark berries and forest fruit. Plants are often around 75cm tall, the indica Kush genetics prevent too much stretch during growth.

Auto Blackberry Kush is an indica dominant auto with a deeply relaxing Kush effect, you can expect a strong body stone and a deliciously pleasant relaxing experience. The high arrives with a strong sense of euphoria which drifts slowly into a very peaceful and long lasting indica stoney feeling. It’s a great way to relax in the evenings, and can help restful sleep. Anyone that loves tasty and powerful indica auto genetics should try growing this variety. The yields are good, and she grows easily in any growing medium. This variety grows well under 20 hours of daily light and is best experienced in a vaporizer which allows the full palate of fruity tastes to be appreciated.



Obtain excellent harvest with Blue Auto Mazar cannabis seeds


Blue Auto Mazar is another indica dominant autoflower seed, with genetics from Dutch Passion Blueberry and Mazar. These two heavyweight classics guarantee a strong and pleasing smoking/vaping experience. The buds are generally green with occasional hints of color, though never as deeply blue/purple as the Auto Blackberry Kush. ThImage of a Blue Auto Mazar plante presence of the Mazar genetics gives the buds a hashy aroma, when you light the joint the full array of Afghani hash scents fill the air and makes your room smell like a Dutch coffee shop. It’s a classically fragrant cannabis variety which envelopes the smoker in a warm blanket of comfort, bliss, and stoned relaxation.

If you think about starting to grow cannabis seeds for first time,Blue Auto Mazar is just as easy to grow as Auto Blackberry Kush. No special grow skills are required, these seeds grow themselves under a wide range of conditions indoors or outdoors and still deliver excellent quality harvests. She can reach up to 1m tall indoors, and in hydroponics, she can yield several hundred grams per plant. The Blueberry genetics can give a delicate sweet taste of Blueberry muffins to the buds, which is easier to taste when using a vaporizer. Most repeat growers select this variety for the connoisseur quality of the buds, hard and dense with a soothing and deeply enjoyable effect. As the pictures show, the blooms can grow long and fat, this is one of Dutch Passion’s best all-round autoflower varieties.

If you are looking for a couple of indica dominant autoflower varieties that are easy to grow with good yields then consider Auto Blackberry Kush and Blue Auto Mazar. Both varieties have been best sellers for several years for all the right reasons with a large number of repeat growers. You can buy your feminized Auto Blackberry Kush cannabis seeds online here, and your Blue Auto Mazar seeds here. Grow your own cannabis with the best cannabis seeds!

July 17th 2018
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