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Italy. 60 politicians propose legalising recreational use of cannabis




Rome, March 16 - A group of 60 MPs have joined together to propose fully legalizing recreational use of cannabis in Italy.  Most of the politicians from the ruling center-left Democratic Party (PD), but others are from all sides of the political spectrum.  Should the proposal be accepted it will put Italy in the head of European cannabis law reform

 Senator Benedetto Della Vedova, who is also the foreign undersecretary, explained that "in view of the failure of prohibitionism" the group will draft a "pragmatic, non-ideological" bill regulating the recreational use of cannabis.  The move is expected to wipe out criminal involvement in cannabis supply and drain cash away from organized crime. "Repressive action has totally failed," Della Vedova said to a meeting of the pro-marijuana deputies and senators and from the Democratic Party, the leftwing Ecology Freedom (SEL) party, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), the anti-prohibition Radical Party, and others.   Della Vedova also pointed out that legalizing marijuana in Colorado has not only wiped out organised crime but produced millions of dollars in tax revenues

March 20th 2015

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