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Ireland. Independent MP Ming Flanagan introduces proposal to legalize cannabis


ming flanagan

Ming Flanagan


Independent Irish Politician Luke 'Ming' Flanagan is proposing a new bill which would legalize the recreational and medical use of cannabis.  The bill proposes a regulated system of pot control which would remove criminalization of those that use cannabis.  The proposal would allow people to grow up to 6 plants for their personal use and/or own up to an ounce of pot.

One other very interesting approach from Flanagan is the establishment of legal cannabis clubs in Ireland, which would allow pot fans to take their collective growing rights and allow them to be used in a way which allows a controlled production and distribution of pot without any criminal involvement.  Currently medical or recreational use of pot is illegal in Ireland, and as a result it has become a major source of funding for criminal gangs.  Flanagans proposal, if successful, would be a boost to the Irish Police and a major blow to organised crime.  It would also prevent thousands of (mainly young) Irish citizens being burdened with a criminal record for pot.  Flanagan has openly campaigned to legalize cannabis in the past.  Dutch Passion wish him good luck!

The story is here https://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/bill-proposes-to-legalise-recreational-use-of-cannabis-611104.html

Flanagan also has support from Dr Garrett McGovern and Dr Cathal O Suiliobhain.  The doctors are both on the board of the Irish chapter of NORML, the American organisation, which drove last year’s successful referendum campaigns to legalise marijuana in Colorado and Washington states.  Dr O Suiliobhain added: “I’ve been treating drug users for 20 years. Based on my experience, prohibition is causing more harm than good and we should look at reforming it.  “Every single drug – even food items – cause problems. There are 400 deaths a year in the US from penicillin, but we don’t ban that.  “Prohibition doesn’t stop people doing it. With young people, especially, it encourages use.”



October 24th 2013

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