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Isis is it !


free Isis 3-pack with all July website orders over €50

  Isis is a top quality and highly potent sativa that    grows a heavy main stem absolutely packed with    sticky and highly potent buds.Some of the Dutch Passion strains are true icons such as our original White Widow, Power Plant, Blueberry, Mazar and Skunk varieties. These are well known and highly appreciated varieties that have been around for years and have kept the worlds cannabis connoisseurs wonderfully stoned and happy.

Isis is a top quality and highly potent sativa that grows a heavy main stem absolutely packed with sticky and highly potent buds.

Isis was introduced a couple of years ago and is available as a premium, feminised-only variety. It has been a hit with the sativa connoisseurs. Since the launch it has developed a cult following, Isis is more of a ‘best kept secret’ than a best seller – but that seems about to change as more and more growers are discovering Isis for themselves.

Isis is a variety that produces extremely potent bud in generous quantities, often growing a tall single main stem that is packed with aromatic crystal covered buds from top to bottom. Many growers that first tried Isis in the coffeeshops have gone on to grow it themselves and fallen in love with this heavy-hitting strain that produces a powerful soaring high with a massive initial flash of haze. To celebrate Isis we are giving away a free Isis 3-pack with all website orders of €50 or more during July. This is a free offer that you don’t want to miss! Free seeds are often given away to promote a new strain, but in Dutch Passions case we are running a free seed offer with one of our best sativa strains. Don’t miss out !

The first time I tried Isis I was gobsmacked by the strength. This is a soaring pure sativa, the high will be an instant hit for anyone that enjoys the Haze experience. For those growers that grow only Indica, or indica/sativa hybrids, this is a wonderful strain to introduce to your growroom.

To celebrate Isis we are offering a free 3-pack of Isis seeds when you order €50 of seeds directly from Dutch Passions website during July. For those of you that haven’t ordered from our website before, now is a good time to start as you get the freshest seeds and it is the only way to take advantage of this Isis 3-seed freebie and future special offers. Keep visiting the website for the latest news and offers. And thanks for the positive feedback regarding the blog and suggestions for future topics.

July 15th 2011

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On 02 -07-2013 at 01:43 u Jaska wrote:
I wish isis was still on sale, it is the best grower friendly sativa that you can get!

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