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Italy. Cannabis legalisation is coming soon



Italy.  Cannabis legalisation is coming to Italy.
Italian politicians took the first steps for a brave new world of legal cannabis this week when 200 of them agreed a draft text to legalize the growing, sale, transport and use of cannabis.  Specifically, if subsequently approved by Italian Parliament up to 15g of cannabis would be legal to possess, and up to 5 plants would be permitted.  Additionally, cannabis would be sold in Govt approved shops.
The Italian move looks set for success because support for the new bill comes from across all parties who recognise that the only beneficiaries of current prohibition are ‘the mafia’.  Cannabis prohibition has cost Italy €Billions over recent years, and has failed to prevent millions of people using it for recreational and medical purposes.  Legalisation will allow the sale of cannabis to be regulated and taxed, with revenues coming directly to the Government rather than the criminal gangs
The full Italian language test of the bill is here and an English language version of the news is here
July 22nd 2015

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