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Legal Belgium TUP Cannabis Social Club Grow Dutch Passion AutoMazar


tup grows automazar!

This weeks Dutch Passion customer grow review features the legal TUP cannabis social club from Belgium who grew Dutch Passion AutoMazar during 2013.  The TUP team are legally allowed to grow one cannabis plant for each member of the cannabis social club.  During 2013 they made grow diaries of our Think Different and AutoXtreme varieties and got some great results.  Here is their grow review of our AutoMazar.  The words and pictures are all from the TUP team.



We chose the AutoMazar, because we are a true fan of the original Mazar (Mazar-I-Sharif x Skunk). The goal was to find out how much true Mazar-dominant autoflowers there were, that yield like we’re used to from the Dutch-Passion Super Autos. To our surprise we immediately recognized 2 original Mazar phenotypes in the autoflower seeds. They are the Afghan dominant phenotype and the Skunk phenotype. The looked and smelled like their original counterparts. Let’s look at the grow report. The strains were grown by the first Belgian Cannabis cup winner of 2012.


The Autoflowers

Auto Mazar Grow report

automazar seedling 1

seedling 2

seedling 3 baby

The seeds were germinated in a glass of water and they cracked within 24hrs. After the germination, they were directly planted in the greenhouse in full soil. The first 10l of soil was amended soil with mycorrhizal fungi, NPK (6-4-11-organic) and 2 table-spoons of lime.

The plants had a vegetative period of about 5 to 6 weeks started from seed. They were trained the first 4 weeks by LST (low stress training). They were pruned to produce nice big bushes. The leaves were big and broad, like an indica should. During the veg, plants reached up to about 80cm, with training. They were about 0,75 m wide at that time.

seedling 4

seedling 5

plant 6

By the beginning of the flowering, things went really fast. The internode distance was fairly big and buds were filling up those spaces. Though they stretched quite a bit (that’s one reason they are called Super Autos!), the AutoMazar stretched a lot less compared to the Think Different and the AutoXtreme. By the end of the fifth week of flowering, the buds were spewing out white hairs and loads of sticky resin. During week 6 the calyxes to filled up nicely and gave a satin gold glance to the snowy buds. This was really, totally awesome to behold!

plant 7

plant 8

plant 9, getting bigger

The buds:

The AfghanSkunk-dominant phenotype made long, compact, golden and frosty buds. In combination with beautiful orange hairs, this really is a splendid one to behold.

The Afghan-dominant phenotype made huge compact buds, with a silver finish. Real indica!

The other pheno we found was a typical ‘white strain’ phenotype and was reminiscent of a good old coffeeshop strain of the late 80’s.


The smell:

The AfghanSkunk phenotype had a ‘white-strain’ smell, that filled up the greenhouse with a truly old skool smell. The Afghan phenotype had a very nice sweet and spicy fresh Afghan smell.

plant 10 frosty

plant 11 is fat

plant 12 - desirable!

The yield:

Again, the Super Autoflowers did it. Over a 100g per plant with ease. Because of the big, resin coated buds, the weight per plant was an average of about 140g. Every branch was one big cola. All plants performed very good in greenhouse conditions. There were only a few little male flowers that formed just before they were chopped down at week 14. No hermaphrodites were found in this strain.


plant 15

plant 16 delicate frost

more frosty auto mazar

buds in the sun



The AutoMazar is very trustworthy strain. It enables North European growers to get a nice, big, early yield. The flowers that are produced by the AutoMazar are comparable to old skool Afghan strains. Very compact, premium quality buds. No resemblance to normal or standard autoflowering plants. Really special and for a connoisseur a must-smoke!

so fat

my kind of greenhouse, and your kind too

a bud in the hand is worth 2 on the bush

well proportioned bloom

sticky with resin

looking white with trichome resin

frost on the fan leaves too

close up bud

dried and cured bud, ready to enjoy


Smoke report:


- very compact thick and dense buds.

- Crystals are quit big and have good coverage. Very high resin production.

- Very high calyx-leaf ratio


- Floral, white strain, afghan, sweet and sexy


- Tastes like it smells. More like an exceptional AfghanSkunk. Very smooth and complex.


- Indica dominant body-stone. Very heavy and good for sleep.


Congratulations to the TUP club with another successful grow.  Dutch Passion wish them all-the-best for 2014.

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion


January 31st 2014
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On 20 -02-2014 at 23:28 u Ingmar wrote:
wow what a spectacular looking auto strains. I have never seen such big buds on an auto outdoors before. Smell description also sounds nice. Will def give this one a try, kudos to the grower

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