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Masterkush home grown cannabis review



Dutch Passion Masterkush is an original 1980’s Kush variety from the Hindu Kush region of Northern Afghanistan.  Its an established customer favourite with lots of repeat growers, appreciated primarily for the knockout Indica stone, smooth and free of paranoia.  Like the best original Kush varieties it is very strong and popular with medical growers as well as recreational users.  Masterkush also has an unusually light odour during the early stages of growth.  This weeks grow review comes from Revert (who also made a Night Queen grow diary), a member of the highly rated and friendly Green Circle growers forum.  The words and pictures are from him:




“The fact that this strain is supposed to be low odor got me interested in giving her a try.  I started the grow in the middle of February and wasn't really looking to do a long grow. Summer is a nightmare for me as a loft grower so I wanted to make sure she was ready before the summer heat was there”


“Therefore I only did a short veg of about 30 days. I wish I did have more time to veg her; she would have yielded a lot more.  Because of the short veg period I only topped her once. This was a mistake in retrospect because only topping her once caused her to stretch a little higher than what I wanted“


“I'm an LED grower and LED lights are a bit fickle in getting the distance between the canopy and the lights right. There was a little light burn (LED was too close) and fortunately only a small bit of bleached bud or hash tips. So there was no need to super crop her which I hate having to do in flower.”


“I grew her in bio nova Coco coir using canna nutrients. Can't go wrong with Canna in my opinion. Grew her the same way as usual. Fed nothing for the first week and then started upping the feed by 0.2 EC (Electrical Conductivity) every second week or so.  She has a wee bit of a magnesium deficiency around week 3 but I fixed that by foliar feeding with canna mono magnesium and adding 0.1EC extra magnesium. to the feed. I kept the feed on the low side in this grow and never really went over 1.0 EC  in total.  The only other nutrient I used was GHE diamond nectar fulvic acid.  As an experiment I did not use pk 13/14 or any other bloom boosters. Buds were still big and firm. “


“Like I already said I'm a LED grower. I used 3 different panels in this grow. One Dutch Passion HighLight 006, one Bysen Helios and a new GEHL Zeus LED.  The Zeus uses COB (Chip on Board) LEDs that I wanted to try. It also comes with four x 5w extra UVB LEDs that can be turned on during flower for extra resin development. Total wattage used was 400 watt during veg and around 600w in flower.”


“I've never grown with HPS so can't really compare the result with HPS grown buds but I do believe that LED grown buds are more potent than HPS albeit yield will be better with HPS. I've heard this on many occasions already by other growers that tried LED. What I can confirm is that this grow produced some of the icky-stickiest buds I've grown thus far. I can't say for sure yet if the extra UVB has something to do with it, the jury is still out on this, but these buds really knock my socks off”


“The harvest was on day 113 from seed. or day 84 of 12/12. I always give my girls a few extra weeks to make sure trichomes are mostly amber to get that couch lock feeling that us Indica growers love so much. I gave her a full 2 weeks flush with rainwater flushing all those chemicals out of the medium and giving me a smoother tasting bud in the end.”


“She is still curing as I type this sentence but I can already say this is one of my favorite smokes. It is the most relaxing smoke I’ve grown. No chance of paranoia with this one. After a few puffs of this your legs start to go all wobbly and your body has a meltdown following with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. :) Taste is sweet, spicy and smooth.”


“She yielded about 260 grams of prime bud in the end so no complaints from me.  Like I said already this is a low odor strain to grow. You can get away with not using a filter during most of the grow but when she is in full flower it is necessary to use a filter. Even after harvest she smells just a much as any other strain. So be careful and do the right thing.”


“I would like to give a big shout to my friends and mentors over at the green circle without whom I would still be making stupid mistakes.  Not that I don't make mistakes now, but at least now I know when I made one. ;)  Cheers for all the help guys !”


July 17th 2015
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On 29 -07-2015 at 17:20 u Jimmi2scoops wrote:
Excellent bit of growing, u wouldn`t mind a pop at growing this one myself, nice m8.

On 09 -08-2015 at 13:16 u Denots wrote:
Top growing Rev, and a lovely strain to do as well mate. Looking forward to your next DP grow. Atb, D.

On 21 -12-2016 at 14:25 u Pablo wrote:
The best grow led and not very expensive thanks

On 09 -03-2018 at 09:51 u Randomslaps wrote:
Thanks for the review man. I will be guerrilla growing this year with this strain and also Durban poison. I really like mstr ksh from grow through to smoke and this review sums it up perfectly.

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