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Mexico. Acclaimed artist George Mead Moore reveals new art collection


geaorge mead moore

George Mead Moore, pictured above, is one of the most respected modern artists and photographers with a long track record of producing high quality, intelligently created and stunning works of art.  Sometimes these are inspired by the beauty of nature, and sometimes these are inspired by the cannabis plant.

cannabis art


Moore’s latest collection is called ‘Sea of Green’ and it is a show of landscapes and cannabis drawings on view at the Quetzalli Gallery in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

George has kindly given us permission to publish some images of his work, if you like what you see we would encourage you to take a look at his website where you can see some more of his work and video interviews about the inspiration and deeper meaning of the work


The links between cannabis and creative art go back many thousands of years, and it’s wonderful to see George Mead Moore continue that tradition with such rich and appealing work today.  Dutch Passion send their best wishes to George for continued success.

more great art from moore


November 14th 2013

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