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Mexico. After 70,000 deaths we need a new approach to drug laws


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Mexico.  "Seventy thousand dead, 26,000 disappeared and an incalculable number of internally displaced are more than sufficient reason to look for an alternative model"  Announced Congressman Fernando Belaunzaran to reporters as he detailed his plans for a fully legalised and regulated market for medical marijuana.  

The bill will be offered as an alternative approach to the current policy of prohibition which has cost Mexico $Billions and scarred large parts of their society with gangland drug violence.  Already there is huge public support for the bill which would increase personal weed possession allowances from 5g to a much more reasonable 30g.  Home-growers would be allowed to continue growing their own stash so long as the harvests were kept to 300g or below.

Mexican Politician Esthela Damian said that the focus of the new legislation was to consider cannabis as a health issue for the people rather than a legal issue focussed on prohibition and punishment. She added that the Mexican Senate had taken Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s words seriously when he said his government was 'open to discussion' on the issue of legalization of marijuana in October of last year. 

Like other South American nations, Mexico has paid a high price to maintain the illegality of cannabis.  However that battle is now clearly over and few Mexicans can understand why Mexico should keep cannabis illegal when the USA has been rapidly and consistently legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use in recent years.

The full story is below, and many political obervers feel it is only a matter of time before cannabis is fully legalized in Mexico 


February 20th 2014

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