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Mexico. No point with cannabis prohibition if the Americans are legalizing it


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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto recently explained that it makes no sense for the USA and Mexico to have different policies on cannabis.  Many in Mexico interpret this as a signal that Mexico is politically ready to follow the USA and start legalizing and regulating cannabis in the way that the USA now does in 20+ states.

Over several years various SouthAmerican leaders have questioned why the war-on-drugs serves only to benefit criminal minorities while the rest of Mexican society pays the price for prohibition in the form of thousands of deaths and kidnappings each year.  In more recent months South American leaders have been looking at the benefits to the USA approach of legalising and regulation.  The USA approach offers tax revenues combined with an opportunity to completely remove criminal involvement in cannabis supply, and Mexico is starting to think the same way.

At some point in the coming year or two it seems inevitable that Mexico will make fundamental changes to it’s drug laws.  More information is below

June 11th 2014

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