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Morocco. Why should we keep cannabis illegal when the rest are looking to legalize?


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Morocco.  Moroccan politicians have started to debate whether they should be following the same path as the USA and legalize cannabis.  Until the 1970's pot production was legal and was a mainstream part of the rural economy.  However, due to international pressure, Morocco has spent the last 4 decades trying to clamp down on pot production.  Despite the prohibition of cannabis of cannabis in Morocco, up to a million Moroccan citizens are thought to be employed in the cannabis industry which is mainly centred around the Rif mountain range in the north of the country.

Moroccan politicians are starting to question the logic behind the current laws which outlaw cannabis in Morocco, yet many other countries in Europe and North America are moving towards a legal regulated cannabis supply for medical/recreational use.  Initially the Moroccan politicians are thought to be favouring a move towards relaxing the cannabis laws especially for medical usage.

Mehdi Bensaid, an MP with the Party of Authenticity and Modernity (PAM), is arranging the first debate about the subject and has a great deal of support.  Cannabis farming, if legalized, would bring inmuch needed revenue for the poor rural communities in Morocco.  It is still early in the Moroccan legalization debate, but with the USA states of Colorado and Washington now allowing legal recreational pot it is ridiculous to expect a relatively poor country like Morocco to maintain illegality.

If, and when, Morocco eventually re-legalizes cannabis it raises some fascinating possibilities for cannabis exports.  Given the perfect cannabis-growing climate it is likely that Morocco could become a leading producer of pot, probably at very attractive prices for potential export countries in Europe.

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December 4th 2013

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