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New Auto Mazar world record. 350g harvest from single plant. Here is the grow diary.


The new world record for a single Auto Mazar has been broken, it now stands at a highly impressive 350 grams following a remarkable grow by Seymour Buds from the UK. Seymour has kindly given us his permission to use his words and photo’s from his full original grow on the top-rated Auto Flower Network.

If there is anyone left who still has doubts about AutoFem strains then read on. Yields of 25-100 grams are more normal with AutoFem’s, but in the hands of the experienced grower amazing results are being achieved. Throughout 2011 there have been numerous reports of 250+gram yields from single AutoMazar plants, but this 350 gram grow was quite unique.

37 Days old. Here is the AutoMazar 37 days after the seed germinated. The AutoMazar is in a large 20 litre oxypot, the grow system is DWC (deep water culture) where the roots are kept in the oxygenated liquid feed. A ‘bubbler’ ensures the roots are kept oxygenated and the reservoir of nutrients is usually changed at least every week. DWC in the right hands allows the explosive growth rates seen here, with a single plant taking 2-3 litres per day at peak feed rate. The lights are on for 20 hours and off for 4 hours. The EC (electrical conductivity) of the feed is 1.0and pH is 5.9. Growth has been prolific getting this AutoMazar off to a great start.

This grow is done under a 345 watt LED panel. This will be interesting for those of us that didn’t realise how good LED grows can be. I confess I never knew LED could be this effective.

Day 55 below. The 345W LED light panel starts moving to the side as the AutoMazar runs out of headroom. AutoMazar begins to smell strongly, true to her genuine Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif heritage. Flowering is underway at last. At this point it becomes clear that this AutoMazar will not finish in the usual 60-70 days, instead she is undergoing unusually vigorous growth and will take 100 days to finish, from seed to harvest. The extra 30 days will be worth the wait, as you will see. Look how healthy the leaves look under the LED’s.

Day 78, below. AutoMazar responding well to the side illumination from the LED panel. Here Seymour noted that he suffered from lack of hight in the growroom. The buds at the rear of the plant get less light than they would like.

Day 83 below, with LED Penetrator Pro light-panel seen on the left.

Day 95 below, just before harvest. Many traditional strains would struggle to look like this good or yield 12.5 ounces (350 g) like this single AutoMazar. More and more self-sufficient growers that have never grown AutoFem’s before are realising these plants really are outperforming some proven traditional varieties. AutoMazar outsells even prize winning traditional varieties. You can see why.

Harvest time for the world record AutoMazar, 350 grams from a single grow. Note how resinous the plants are. This grow will make a lot of people realise how far LED light technology has come in the last couple of years. The 345 watt LED unit only draws 290W and the effect seems similar to 600W++ of HPS. I never knew LED’s were this effective. Here they are in the hands of a pro, combined with some top genetics and a well controlled grow method. Note the healthy looking root ball. Hydroponics fans will tell you that this level of growth is difficult to achieve in soil, if not impossible.

The potency of the best Auto’s such as Auto Mazar and the connoisseurs’ favourite AutoBluberry is just as good as traditional varieties. But it is the insane yields we are seeing with AutoMazar that has surprised so many in the world of cannabis. The best autogrowers say they just can’t get the same production out of traditional varieties of weed. My own theory on this is that it is related to the ability of AutoFem varieties to soak up 20 hours of light per day and maintain the flowering process. This compares to only 12 hours of daily light for flowering of traditional varieties. All this extra light, combined with the Ruderalis turbo boosted genetics allows AutoFem’s to produce these stunning yields so quickly. When the breeding process is professionally controlled the Ruderalis needn’t compromise potency.

Think of it this way. In a given 24 hour period an AutoFem plant gets 20 hours worth of light energy to play with. It is almost twice as much light energy as a traditional strain gets. The light powers the botanical processes that ultimately produce THC and other cannabinoids . The AutoFem’s don’t need as much darkness. The result is hyperactive levels of growth, the likes of which no-one has seen before. Imagine if you could have an AutoFem designed for a 120 day life cycle or even 150 days. How much could they yield? What would they look like? Which genetics would be best? The possibilities for the future of cannabis strains have got the Dutch Passion team thinking in ways I never imagined.

To finish with here is a great video of another best selling AutoFem, AutoBlueberry. Just as AutoMazar uses authentic Mazar genes, AutoBlueberry uses the best (and by the way, the very original) Blueberry genes to give a supremely tasty and potent bud. Here in Holland AutoBlueberry is the connoisseurs’ choice of auto, even though the yields are not at the same extreme levels as AutoMazar.

Congratulations once again to Seymour Buds for his world record with this grow.


Dutch Joe
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November 18th 2011
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Recent comments (14)

On 10 -05-2012 at 20:03 u Stefan wrote:
congratulations! very very beautiful plant.nice work Doctor seymour buds!

On 09 -06-2012 at 18:29 u Curt wrote:
What was used as medium in the oxypot and what type of nutrient was used in the DWC?

On 10 -06-2012 at 17:59 u Ray pistone wrote:
well, f**k me babies!!! THIS IS A NEW WAY OF GROWING EMERGING UNDER OUR RED EYES! I'm down with dat...gett'n jiggy with it mentaly allready. sign me up on tha descipleslist "seemorebuds" hahahahahahahahaha ......no, seriously dude: THAT'S "technical brutal cyber death-metal"!

On 26 -06-2012 at 17:54 u Eric wrote:
j'ai fait une fois de la mazar mais pas auto grosse récolte mais a fumer gout de champignion

On 26 -08-2012 at 17:15 u Jack wrote:
What a healthy looking root ball!! Congrats seymour, Often immitated never duplicated- SEYMOUR BUDS!!!!

On 05 -11-2012 at 21:05 u Garrrrry wrote:
кто знает сколько кустов AutoMazar можно сажать под одну LED лампу если растить на почве? в то время когда под одним 600 wt ДНАТ GrowLux расти может до 9 кустов.

On 13 -11-2012 at 12:46 u Dutch Joe wrote:
В среднем производители LED светильников утверждают, что их эффективность сопоставима с ДНАТ светильниками при мощности в два раза меньшей. То есть для выращивания 9 растений AutoMazar вам понадобится LED светильник мощностью минимум 300 Ватт.

On 09 -12-2012 at 00:06 u ONETON wrote:

On 06 -02-2013 at 13:32 u Sweetleafs wrote:
Thats a bad ass plant, 350g from an autoflowering strain?! Well, i bow my head! You can take care of the plants like no other, thats for sure. Respect from Sweden!

On 06 -02-2013 at 18:09 u Jay wrote:
Wow been seriously thinking of getting some auto mazar for an outside grow in england but seeing the results im definately getting some now, p.s would the auto mazar be suitable for an outdoor grow starting in may after being grown indoors for a couple of weeks?? Any info would be much appreiciated, cheers guys :)

On 15 -11-2014 at 21:01 u NamNut1968 wrote:
How many hours of daylight is best for growing in a hydrophonic machine?

On 06 -08-2015 at 13:30 u Joshua Cook wrote:
Yeah beautiful plant.....but 95+ days before harvest? If I vegged a plant for 35 days in soil and it had an 8 week flower period it would yield pretty much the same, kind of pointless? Could have just saved 8 weeks x an extra 8 hours of light running time a day (64 hours) and got pretty much the same yield. Especially hydro! Not being a hater but auto flowers really serve no purpose in indoor grows unless they are in the corner of a big grow room so you can get an early harvest! (95 days isn't early) They are excellent for use in climates where late summer/autumn flowering is not a possibility when not in a greenhouse.!

On 23 -05-2016 at 17:28 u Michael Connachan wrote:
Wow I knew LED's were getting better and auto's but both together is making me re-think my whole set up from HID and photo's....................awesome grow Seymour

On 10 -06-2017 at 16:05 u Darren wrote:
Awesome grow diary. I got over 150 gram of a auto mazar under hps heaviest plant ive had. Top shelf smoke

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