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New York. It's time to legalize medical cannabis


new york to legalize medical pot


New York State (and city!) is now certain to join the growing number of places in the USA where cannabis will be legal for medical use.   NY State will make cannabis available initially from 20 hospitals across the state.  Cannabis will be made available for a number of severe illnesses specified by the initial legislation, the full details are expected to be released soon.  It is a victory for common sense and a recognition of the overwhelming evidence provided by both the Medical Doctors and the Patient Support groups.

But more than that it is a great mercy for some of New Yorks most severely ill people who will now benefit form the numerous ways that cannabis can help.  Cancer is one of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. 20 states in the USA now allow cannabis to be used medically, and there the USA medical professionals are now some of the most experienced with the medical use of cannabis.  For cancer patients cannabis may help in several ways, including...

a) Sleep aid. Cannabis before bedtime often helps a restful nights sleep.  Getting good quality restful sleep is a great help to any cancer patient.

b) Appetite stimulation.  Often known as 'the munchies', cannabis often gives a strong appetite to people.  In many illnesses the appetite can be suppressed due to side effects of the condition or the treatment. Eating well is a key part of the fight.

c) Pain relief.  Different people can respond better with specific varieties, but most cannabis users would agree cannabis is a very helpful way to mitigate pain

d) Treating nausea.  Cannabis is already widely used for nausea, for cancer patients it can be vital to relieve nausea which is a side effect of the chemotherapy.

e) Relaxation.  Cancer can be worrying and stressful; doctors often tell cancer patients to relax as much as they can and try not to worry too much.  For many cannabis can help deliver a peaceful happyness to the day.


The full story is here in the New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/05/nyregion/new-york-state-is-set-to-loosen-marijuana-laws.html?hp&_r=0

Dutch Passion wish New York medical users all the best for 2014 and hopes European politicians are watching how the USA is approaching the cannabis debate.



January 6th 2014

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