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Orange Hill Special medical cannabis review by Clark French


 Orange Hill Special is one of Dutch Passions best quality photoperiod cannabis seed varieties.  Its a cross of our original Orange Bud and California Orange varieties, combining a hard hitting potency with good yields, excellent citrus taste/aroma and a blissfully well balanced indica/sativa high.  Its an uncomplicated variety to grow, recommended even for inexperienced growers, she grows well is soil, coco or hydroponic systems. 


Above, Orange Hill Special grown by Tang

Below, Clark French from the United Patients Alliance 

This weeks review comes from Clark French, a Multiple Sclerosis patient and a founder of the United Patients Alliance, an influential medical cannabis users group who are currently lobbying the UK Government to legalize the medical use of cannabis.  Clark rates Orange Hill Special as his overall favourite variety from the Dutch Passion collection. 

frosty leaf

Above, a leaf from Orange Hill Special



Orange Hill Special delivers 20%+ THC levels when grown in optimum conditions. The proven top quality Orange Bud parent genetics ensure that this variety does not disappoint.  Squeeze the buds between your fingers and you will smell oranges, tangerine and citrus aromas.  Orange Hill has been such a popular new introduction that we offer this variety in regular as well as feminized seeds.  Its a highly resinous plant, producing numerous heavy yielding blooms and remaining compact in growth, a perfect selection for home growing.

 Above, Orange Hill Special resin



Orange Hill Special typically takes around 8-9 weeks to finish flowering under a 12/12 lighting regime.  She responds well to being topped and she usually stays around 1m to 1.5m high.  The following comments come from Clark French.



 Orange Hill Special grown under LED by Tang


"Appearance. Some fantastic looking trichome rich buds. Under the microscope there is just so many of them all right next to each other, the buds are very dense too. A lighter green with some really lovely dark orange to brown pistils."


"Aroma. At first I must admit I was a little disappointed, as I thought that the Orange Hill Special was quite hazy and often all I can find around Brighton is haze strains so I must admit i'm a bit fed up of them, having said that I do usually love a good haze so I shouldn't really complain, just I wanted to try something a little different. When breaking up the buds a more rounded citrus aroma develops, there is a real sweetness about this too not so much of it once ground but the slight hazy acrid sour/sweet thing going on. "


Above and below.  Orange Hill Special grown by Groff 


"Flavour. The flavour is really nice, very citrus and earthy with a sweet and funky twist, anyone who likes the citrus flavours will love Orange Hill Special."


"Effects. Here is where the Orange Hill special comes into its own and has quickly become a strain I absolutely love. The effects for me are amazing, as a 50 – 50 it is perfect for patients during the day who need pain relief and want to get on with doing things, its very interesting and very creative. Id describe it as mainly a body up and a head medium but not soaring . There are a number of benefits for me including pain relief, my pain has gone from a 6 or 7 down to a 3. the two main things I notice is how orange hill special gives me creativity and helps lift my mood and makes me smile!"


"Comments. I very much enjoy medicating with Orange Hill Special and have to say I think this is my favourite effect of all of the Dutch Passion strain's I have been lucky enough to try."



May 1st 2015
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On 02 -05-2015 at 09:14 u Chenga wrote:
Wow! Looks so delicious and crazy how shiny this strain is, especially the single leaf, unbelievable frosty!

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