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OutLaw: Customer grow review by Charas


outlaw customer grow review by charas

OutLaw was introduced by Dutch Passion with the aim of combining great performance with great value – 10 feminized seeds for €40.  The variety comes from crossing an elite Amnesia Haze clone with our Super Haze, it is very strong, resinous and high yielding. 

We were so confident in the performance of this variety we ran several live internet grow diaries before the variety was released for general public sales.  This weeks blog follows the experiences of ‘Charas’, an experienced grower from the popular UK420 forum.  The full grow diary is here.

Charas started the grow under a 250W metal halide lamp, and flowered 4 plants under a 600W HPS, here is his story.

 big droopy outlaw

OutLaw grown by Charas - long heavy blooms which may need supporting


Question: Overall impressions of the variety itself looking at ease of grow, yield, result?

Answer (Charas).  I found the strain to be a very easy plant to grow, no real issues for me. They like a good feed and I found them not to be nutrient sensitive. They yielded great, I was aiming for around 300g as they took half my space and I use a 600 watt sodium. I pulled a total of
around 400g, (68g, 103g, 110g and 123g.) Outlaw did not stretch as much as I expected when I grow her next I will not flower them as small, and then I think you could really pull some great yields from her.
I am really pleased with the final product too. I think the yield is good because the resin content is so huge it is one of the 'whitest' looking sativa plants I have grown in around 20 years.

another nice outlaw plant

More heavy OutLaw blooms, bending under their own weight


Question: Anything particularly notable for you ?

They are a very Sativa dominant strain but still do not stretch as much as I expected, I think they maybe tripled in size. They responded well to bending and pinching out making the stretch was no real issue.

Question: What would you recommend to a future grower of OutLaw, any tips or advice

Don’t be put off by the 12 week bloom as most of mine were ready before that time, I would say more like 10 weeks on average.
Also don't think because she is Sativa she needs to be fed lightly, I fed them really well up to 5ml/litre with organic bloom feed.

outlaw nuggets

Question: How did the weed seem, taste, aroma's and high

I had 1 plant with no real Haze smell, it was the quickest and the lowest yield, she smelt a little Cheesey/Bluesie/skunky, and has that kind of taste too.
The others all are very Hazey, not all the same but, Haze with subtle individual differences.
I get the aromas of fresh coffee and leather with one, lemon furniture polish fuel type haze smell another, the last one has a mango haze type smell. They are all very tasty even freshly harvested, cured I am sure it will be amazing. The effect is a very strong up high, soaring and quite trippy sometimes, very talkative weed. Wakes me up, can't sit still, and very more-ish

juicy nuggets with lots of trichomes

Question: Any final comments?
I would recommend Outlaw very highly, if you enjoy sativa with the 'old school' style like I do you will not be disappointed. I will be running them again very soon.
I have 400g of one of the best weeds I have ever grown to get me through the Christmas period, plus about 3g of Outlaw hash..... should be a high old time, and it is down to you lot at Dutch Passion.


OutLaw is already proving to be a popular variety.  The genetics used for her are of proven quality and very stable so OutLaw herself is also a consistent variety.  She gives generous amounts of very oily, resinous weed.  If you are looking for a strong sativa Haze with good performance at a budget price then take a look at Dutch Passion OutLaw.  We have been really pleased with the feedback since OutLaw was introduced and expect her to become a best-seller. 



Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

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November 30th 2012
Easy Indoor
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Recent comments (3)

On 01 -12-2012 at 16:27 u Hazy wrote:
Awesome grow Charas!!!

On 03 -11-2013 at 16:33 u Bhang Buddie wrote:
Been wondering what to have a go with this time, like the diary as well Charas and doncha just luv that BBB (big beautiful bud). I'm also a Plant Magic user (dirt, nutes & add's) for the ladies, it's always given me good results as long as the seeds are strong, also one of the best ways to get better and better bud is to know what you did each time and being a typical stoner it's very possible to forget, keep a diary. Bom Shiva

On 15 -08-2014 at 16:18 u Galoo wrote:
My outlaw is in the 8th week with very little frost, is that normal ?

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